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Big Man Jenkins

CT-9270 Autumn, BIO

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Full Name: CT-9270 Autumn


Known Alias’/Nicknames: Autumn


Previous Occupation: 927th Medic


Current Occupation: 41st Trooper


Known Languages: Basic


Hobbies: Reading, Learning History and Torture


Alignment: G.A.R








Mental State: Stable


Mental Disabilities: N/A


Likes (optional): History, Medical Activities, Tinkering with droids.


Dislikes (optional): CIS Droids, Not being able to do his job.








Physical State: Healthy




Weight: 79.832KG


Build: Average


Disabilities: N/A




Backstory (Optional):Autumn while being an unassigned Clone Trooper began researching about old History and many other Topics he found interesting, he was later transferred to a strange base where he met a trooper named fuse who trained him for the 38th, Autumn later left the 38th and joined 917th which he enjoyed bit he wanted more of a combat role and that's when he found the 41st.

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15 hours ago, Big Man Jenkins said:

Hobbies: Reading, Learning History and Torture

Um what??

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