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CT-1167 'Long' Bio

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# ... Entering alias

# ... Alias accepted

# ... Enter secret

# ... Secret enabled

# ... Access granted to clone database




Full Name: CT-1165 Long


Current Occupation: 917th Medical Division Commanding Officer

Previous Occupation: N/A, Medic straight out of the tube.

Known Languages: Basic

Hobbies: Helping troopers with their injuries on field and fixing people up in the surgery room.





Mental State: Completely stable until a Massif walks into the room.

Mental Disabilities: Massifphobia.

Likes (optional): Not being around Massifs.

Dislikes (optional): Being around Massifs.




Physical State: Healthy

Age: 10

Weight: 85kg

Disabilities: Extremely suspect to laughing fits if others are laughing around him.


Backstory (Optional):

Not really much of a backstory, I never really knew what I could do to help the Grand Army of the Republic until I became a Medic. Not only do I like it, but I feel straight at home when dealing with my brother's injuries. It is a bit hard at times when you can't save someone, but that just makes us train harder to make sure it happens less and less. I also have this really cool idea for a new weapon called the bacta hose (ask me about it).





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