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Alicia Clessid's Bio

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Full Name: Alicia Clessid


Known Alias’/Nicknames: Alicia 


Previous Occupation: Jedi Youngling, Jedi Padawan, Jedi Knight


Current Occupation: Jedi Master/Diplomat (Consular Pathway)


Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Droidspeak, Twi'leki, Umbaran


Hobbies: Dueling, Diplomacy, Engineering, History


Alignment: Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic





Mental State: Very Calm except when those she cares for are threatened


Mental Disabilities: N/A


Likes: Learning in the Archives, Solving Conflicts, Protecting People


Dislikes: Not being able to help people, Watching People Die


Personality: Alicia is very protective of those around herself, sometimes to her own detriment in that she will save people sometimes at the expense of others in the long run. This has often become a contentious point for her as she is a Jedi Diplomat, where she must make decisions for the good of the Republic






Physical State: She is of standard build but quite muscled due to living on Balmorra, a world where it's needed


Age: 29


Weight: 48KG


Build: An average build


Disabilities: None


Appearance: Human Female, Long hair brought down over her shoulders




Rank: Master


Master (current or previous): Tomas


Padawans (current and previous): Aola Numa, Kamala


Lightsaber details: Long bulky black hilt with a precious stone on the end


Combat style: Shii-Cho (Main), Ataru, Niman




 Alicia was born on the planet of Balmorra in the Republic Industrial Sector and for the first few years of her life knew little of the wars and politics going on around her. Being on a planet effectively run by the Techno Union was interesting for a child, and seeing B1 Battledroids became commonplace in Alicia’s life. Not long after she could first speak Alicia’s father suffered a factory accident and lost both his hands, in his place her mother had to work full time at the B1 factories. The pay of the Techno Union was not high and as soon as she could Alicia’s mother was taking on another job.

Not long after this the Battle of Naboo broke out and the Techno Union factories were ordered to be shut down by the Republic. Layoffs started occurring and before things could become too bad the Jedi arrived to take Alicia to Coruscant. Alicia’s parents gave her over as soon as they were able and Alicia was taken to a ship for exodus to Coruscant. As they flew away the Techno Union’s workers rebelled and war broke out across the planet in droves. With people being slaughtered en mass and Republic troopers moving in to shut down the B1 factories.

Alicia’s time as a Youngling was mainly normal yet she cannot understand the feelings many have towards B1 battle droids, as she saw them as a safety net on Balmorra. This problem has now exacerbated with her meeting troopers, who hate droids and refer to them as Clankers. As time moved on in her Padawan days Alicia came to further mistrust most clones, but learnt that the 104th were an effective team with much of her ideals. She also during this time began construction of B1 droids within the Temple, they of course have never been activated but parts litter her room.

Alicia has now completed her Knight Trials and become a full Jedi Knight, taking on her own padawan. With the Clone Wars exacerbating she looks to repair the broken bonds with some of the CIS planets, including Balmorra, but worries that the Senate will never accept peace with some planets now.

Alicia took on Aola Numa as her first Padawan early into the Clone Wars and the two formed a close bond, with Alicia calling Aola sister due to her name meaning that in Twi'leki. When Aola died at the hands of a Dark Side User it hit Alicia hard and she found herself unable to cope with the loss for some time. Alicia has since recovered from this due to her new Padawan Kamala, as well as Council recognition and her promotion to Master. She seeks to find the Dark Side user who killed Aola though, learning his name to be Kentar after Kamala had a run in with him on Anaxes.



Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend |

Jedi Tactician Tomas - Tomas gave Alicia extra training in Lightsaber skills while she was a youngling and she is grateful to him for being the first to spar with her. He later became her Master and the two spent many years extending their abilities together. Alicia now worries about her former master and whether or not he will survive the war

Padawan Edward Proudmore - Edward and Alicia were Younglings together with him doing his Gathering just before hers, and she feels a bond with him born of time spent together as they grew. Alicia has since moved ahead of Edward going to her trials first but the two maintain their respect for one another, working together as needed

Jedi Historian Knoot Uccello: Alicia was originally very fond of Knoot due to his exceptional training that he gave her in lightsaber combat and the various forms. Since then his opinions as to her intended path of the diplomat has waved her trust of him.

104th Wolfpack Battalion: Despite her distinct lack of trust and apparent dislike of the clones Alicia has found common ground with the 104th. She trusts them in and out of combat and happily serves beside them. They have been moved out of Taskforce Gateway temporarily and Alicia misses the company they provided

187th Legion: Due to harassment against Alicia during her time as Padawan she has a very high mistrust of the 187th Legion, she is however attempting to overcome this by assisting them with melee combat training

Padawan Aola Numa: Aola was Alicia’s first Padawan and as such their bond was instinctively fairly strong. Aola has issues with trusting others and Alicia has done her best to mitigate this, but not towards the clones. Eventually Aola died whilst on assignment and her body was not found for some time, a fact that haunts Alicia

Padawan Diplomat Kamala: Alicia has found her second Padawan far more difficult to deal with given her intrinsic arrogance. Despite this Alicia trusts and needs Kamala due to her former support when Aola died

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