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Cypher Ka'Dons Jedi Bio

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Full Name: Kraken Kan

Known Alias’/Nicknames: Kanno

Previous Occupation: Jedi Padawan

Current Occupation: Jedi Knight

Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Quarrenese and little bit of Mon Calamarian

Hobbies: Like to Duel and Swim

Alignment: Jedi Order 





Mental State: Sane

Mental Disabilities: N/A

Likes: Dueling and Reading

Dislikes: Mon Calamari's and Learning 

Personality: Mood Swings differently 




Physical State: Average 


Weight: 72kg

Build: Average 

Disabilities: N/A

Appearance: Blue skin, sharp small te





Rank: Knight (Commander)

Master (current or previous): Miskas

Lightsaber details: Blue Crystal and a Fancy yellow hilt.

Combat style: Shii Cho and Makashi




In his home world Mon Cala he was apart of the army with his younger Family Friend Cyphon Ki'Ron. We both were apart of the army of the karkadon, And Sepratists allegience ,Riff Tamson was my Leader of Karkadons. In the war of against the Mon Cala and our allies Quarrens.We were both by Riff's Side until we got injured and were left behind from our fellow brothers, we patched our selves up and decided that we would turn against Riff Tamson so we swam back to our HQ and got healed by the medics .Once we were ready and he was explaining a attack we went for the kill but unfortunately his guars saw us coming and striked my chest and i swam as fast as i could and barely made it out of there. When i was hit in the chest and  We both felt mad by Riff Tamson and we thought it was wrong to attack our old allies so we decided to run away from the war. For what we knew our family were either dead or still loyal to Riff Tamson. .We ran to a planet called Tatooine and helped those local villages from bandits and bounty hunters until i met General Ki Adi Mundi. Mundi saw potential and wisdom in both of us seeing that we are fighting back and have the power of Will and hope.

Mundi and the republic took us to the Jedi Temple where we met alot of different types of jedi. Cyphon and i both felt out of place, thinking that we dont belong here but they seemed to read our minds and told us its okay everyone's different and no need to be scared or shamed and that everythin gis going to be alright now.

 This is When i got a master Miskas first and got trained and taught how to be a jedi and use the force, Meanwhile my classes was taking care of Cyphon while he was Resting at Coruscant as a youngling learning the Jedi way. Its been around 3-5 Years until i became a knight and when i got to knight i told my master what i did when i was young and how i feel ashamed. He told me not to worry and he told me to write my wrongs and help others and keep peace in the Republic.
Once i got Knight I chose Cyphon as my padawan and taught him how to craft a lightsaber, how to fly and more classes of teaching him the Jed Rule and jedi way. I told Cyphon the jedi pathways and he chose Sentinal.  After Going out to war of the Galactic Republic we both went around the Planets helping those in need and similar situation of ours, Fixing our mistakes and our wrongs.

Who knows what the Duo does and how many lives they save...



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