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Grif Character Bio

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Full Name: CT-9734

Known Alias’/Nicknames: Grif

Previous Occupation: 44th Division Enlisted, 187th Legion

Current Occupation: 187th Legion Windu's Fist Trainee (Squad 24)

Known Languages: Droidspeak, Aurabesh and Huttese

Hobbies: Writing stories of heroism and explosions





Mental State: Considered Stable

Mental Disabilities: Claustrophobic, Aviophobic, Xenophobic (Fear of the unknown, not prejudice to aliens)

Likes: Large explosions, Open areas, Ground invasions, Cleaning equipment

Dislikes: Talz, Flying, Tight Spaces, Droids, Lack of Explosions, Slicing, Clones that act Superior Without Rank




Physical State: Fit

Age: 9 (Physically 18 Due to Accelerated Ageing)

Weight: 89 Kilograms

Build: Bulky

Disabilities: N/A



 First Mission:

In Grif’s first mission he served under a Sergeant by the name of Shark and as part of the 44th Division was to cover the 104th Wolfpack and Jedi General Plo Koon whilst they negotiated the release of captives from the pirate Hondo Tanaka. CIS forces arrived with three Munificent Frigates and General Grievous came down to the ground since Hondo wanted the best price available to him and created a bidding war for the captives between the Republic and CIS. After negotiations failed CIS forces assualted the 44ths location and most of the Clones fighting alongside Grif were killed quickly. Grif retreated with what was left of the 44th towards the 104ths position, but on the way was attacked by Grievous. When lunged at by Grievous Grif jumped backwards and barely survived as he took the tip of Grievous’ lightsaber in his left eye.

Another Legion quickly arrived on the planet and boarded the Munificent Frigates, this was the 187th, which managed to take down two of the three before the other retreated. Grif later after being in med-bay for days requested a transfer to the 187th as all of the unit had been killed and was granted. Ever since he has aimed for Windu’s Fist as he never wanted to be vulnerable in melee again.




Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend |

Lee: Lee was one of Grif’s pod brothers and one of the only people to go into the 187th with him, during the battle of Aquilla the 187th were deployed to take down a Shield Generator, after planting explosives on it Lee was surrounded by CIS forces at it’s base. Grif was forced to watch as his brother died when 2nd Lieutenant Snipes blew the detonators.

Soul: Soul was another of Grif’s pod brothers and joined the 187th with him, but later left due to differences with the Commander and requesting a transfer.

Snipes: After the mission to Aquilla Grif quickly came to despise Snipes for his role in Lee’s death. Some time later Snipes would frame Grif for the possession of illicit materials at bunks and the two would go on having a distinct hatred of one another.

Stingel: Grif has proudly from day one in the 187th referred to Stingel as boss and will follow his every word. Stingel has never done anything to shake Grif’s trust and as such Grif will follow him absolutely.

Mace Windu: Grif has never felt positively of Mace Windu due to Windu’s general attitude towards the Clones, however respects his ability and position.

Vobu Kotra: Grif is far more amicable to Vobu Kotra, the padawan of Mace Windu. In one of Grif’s early missions Vobu used the force to save Grif from an impending bombardment and since then Grif has felt Vobu’s attachment to the 187th is very useful for the survivability of the troops within the regiment.

 Talz: In a previous mission most of the people that Grif was fighting alongside were killed in an ambush by Talz mercenaries, and since then Grif has sworn death to all Talz, regardless of their intentions.

Glitch: Grif believes that Glitch is a fool who’s apparent belief he can use the force will end up being more of a liability than helpful, and is likely to get lots of troopers killed, especially as Glitch is the only medic currently active in the 187th.

Spooky and Sandman: This dynamic duo were brought to Grif by Stingel for recruitment into the 187th, and from day one Grif mistrusted them, seeing them as foolhardy due to their directness in combat. Grif however is beginning to soften to them as they prove themselves within the regiment.

Pyrrhic: As he is the Leader of Windu’s Fist Grif has seen Pyrrhic in multiple combat scenarios and each time been neither impressed nor unimpressed, seeing Pyrrhic as more of a normal personality, who has high combat capability.

Murke: Murke has impressed Grif from day one due to his ability in sniping. Grif sees Murke’s ability as a much needed counter-balance to some of the more frontline fighters of the 187th Legion.

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