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Tomas's Jedi Bio

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Full Name: Tomas Orell


Known Alias’/Nicknames: Tomas    


Previous Occupation: Jedi Youngling


Current Occupation: Jedi Padawan


Known Languages: Galactic Basic


Hobbies: Dueling


Alignment: Jedi Order and the Republic



Mental State: Very Calm because of Jedi Training


Mental Disabilities: N/A


Likes: Training with his master and other padawan's and Helping troopers in need.


Dislikes: Not being able to help people.


Personality: Tomas is a caring and passionate person who cares only about the safety of the people around him



Physical State: He is perfect health but has a scar on his right shoulder


Age: 16


Weight: 50KG


Build: A average build


Disabilities: None

Appearance: Human Male, Short hair flicked forward and a scar from a blaster on his right shoulder underneath robes


Rank: Padawan


Master (current or previous): Jedi Knight Blaid Oxford


Lightsaber details: Smooth hilt but a small dip below the ignition switch and a blue Crystal


Combat style: Form 1



My parents were wealthy business people on my home planet of Corellia, one of them was always home taking care of me, while the other was working and I loved them. They were so nice and caring. They talked alot about the Capitol world of the republic and the senate, I think my dad wanted to be a senator one day. I didn't know much about the jedi when I was young. My parents never really talked about them, the few times they talked about it they only said great things about them and how they protected the people of the galaxy as peacekeepers.


A dinner party was hosted due to my accomplishments at school, I was able to master an instrument and play it in front of the whole school. As the night came to a close we decided to leave the dinner party from the venue it was hosted at and that is when some thugs tried to rob us, my dad tried to fight back but because they thought that my dad was about to stop them and get there blaster so they shot both of my parents with blasters, i saw the whole thing and cried out for my parents hovering over my mother's body, the thugs shoot me but they get scared off as they hear someone walking, I didn’t know who it was at the time, but it was a Jedi walking around the city and heard me cry for help and went to investigate,the Jedi found me wounded but i was only hit in the shoulder the Jedi took the me to a hospital to be patched up afterwards in the hospital the i remembered that my parents were killed and start lifting things in anger but I could control it. The Jedi calmed me down and helped me control my emotions. After the Jedi took me to the Jedi temple. I made friends with Jedi youngling Reus and we trained together as younglings although I was ahead in my training but we worked together to grow as Jedi.


The scar on my shoulder is from the blaster wound, it reminds me of what I'm fighting for, to protect people so they don't suffer the same fate as my parents. While I was afraid of having a scar to begin with it made me think who cares what I look like. The scar is a sign that I have lived the trials of life.


Tomas's Life in the temple was very basic he didn't do anything exciting until his gathering


After the Gathering Tomas was taken as a padawan by Jedi Knight Blaid Oxford, he began his training.

 Jedi Knight Blaid Oxford - Master and Mentor


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