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Kaldor jin Trandoshian

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Full Name: Kâldor jin

Known Alias’/Nicknames: Jinny

Previous Occupation: Hunter for the clan and tracker

Current Occupation: Jedi sentinel in Training

Known Languages: Trandoshan, Galactic basic, Jawa and ewok

Hobbies: Practicing stealth and tracking

Alignment: Jedi order and Galactic republic





Mental State: Stable

Mental Disabilities: N/A

Likes: Tracking

Dislikes: Sitting around all day

Personality: Open




Physical State: Healthy

Age: 23

Weight: 80kg

Build: Muscular and strong

Disabilities: Weak grip of lightsaber


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Rank: Padawan

Master (current or previous): Geko Knight, Quan Knight.

Lightsaber details: Simple, Basic crafted hilt.

Combat style: Jar kai Advanced




A once proud son of a Strong minded Hunter of a clan. at a young age Kâldor jin was advanced with fighting in melee combat beating down all his brothers in spars. Kâldor also wore a Yellow brownish cloak that would cover his backside and all his trandoshan features. He also wore a mask to hide his identity. When he was found by the jedi he was taken straight to the temple of coruscant. He was quick to pick up dueling with a single saber as well faster with two sabers. He was quite proficient with the form of Jar Kai. He became a advanced Jar kai users and utilized it well with beating even Jedi knights with the form. 


The Trandoshan Kâldor utilized the form of Jar kai to protect the troops in battle of the 91st recon regiment. He meditates in his spare time and tends to stay away from his own peoples traditions of hunting life forms for sport or reputation. He tends to hide his identity with a mask and a cloak to detach himself from being a trandoshan. He has human figure with people dont think twice of him as a trandoshan. He uses his strong arms from his species genetic makeup for only defensive and protective purposes. He hesitates on using his lightsaber for force purposes and only reveals himself for protecting someone or destroying a Sith target.


Kâldor Jin practices tracking with his species genetics and has a good sense of smell and tracking ability and the ability to sense a sith threat from his Sentinel training, He utilizes stealth to track down his targets and get close to his targets. He is trained to stop Sith threats around the galaxy and to bring order to the galaxy by stopping the sith threats that arise






Best Friend: Geko, My master and trained me well in the ways of the force

Friend: Ruu: Helps out with basic jedi needs and is nice
Liked: Pablo: thinks he is cool.


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