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Ruu Xur Character Bio

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Full Name: Ruu Xurian

Known Alias’/Nicknames: Ruu Xur

Previous Occupation: Jedi Padawan

Current Occupation: Jedi Knight

Known Languages: Pantoran

Hobbies: lots of missions, and sometimes dueling

Alignment: Jedi Order, Galactic Republic





Mental State: Stable

Mental Disabilities: PTSD, Anxiety 

Likes: long walks on the temple, and dueling

Dislikes: CIS, the Padawans who bullied him 

Personality: Quiet, doesn't talk a lot




Physical State: Healthy 

Age: 17

Weight: 75 kgs

Build: Athletic

Disabilities: N/A







Rank: Knight

Master (current or previous): Cin Drallig, Kostis

Lightsaber details:Saber staff with a green blade

Combat style: Form 1




Geko and I were waving goodbye to our brother Vanders that was going to the Jedi Temple. We were thrilled as we will be going to the temple very soon and as we watched him walk in the distance we returned to our small town in Pantora. It was a quiet morning in Pantora *yawn* and I awoke to children playing in the streets then I heard loud banging noises that turned louder and closer, then I thought it was right next to me. I saw giant outline of ships, as they continue to destroy my town I attempt to run than I am blown back by something massive, at this point my ear is ringing and as my sense of my ear comes back I hear screams of horror, i'm very scared and horrified on whats happened to my family. I see smoke and emerging from the smoke is droids with guns, as they continue to come to my position I see a blue light strike a droid until all droids hit the ground. As the jedi reaches his hand out he says *come with me little one*.


I'm taken to the temple with a mouth full of questions *were is my family, what happened to them* I see in the archives Geko and my older brother Vanders reading a book i'm reunited with my brothers once again. I'm a Padawan and it was not easy because all the other kids would bully me with PTSD, making bomb dropping sounds and hitting me with books from the archives, my older brother Vanders would tell  them to stop and some times have arguments with them so the council got a Jedi to talk to me and help me cope with this PTSD.


My knight trials was fast but not easy as I don't really have a relationship with the council but I had my brothers and they were always there for me. after I finished my knight trials my PTSD got a little better and I have a Padawan of my own to teach the ways of the force and to grow up being a strong knight.




Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend |

Hatred: CIS

 Disliked: Padawan Polarke

Liked: My masters

 Best Friend: Geko, Vanders

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