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Community Leaders Thread

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Community Leaders (Last updated on the 14th of September, 2020)

These are the players that you can contact if you are in need of any sort of support. 


Executive Staff:

  • Stooge [Owner, Finances]
  • s8n [Owner, Global, Outreach, Content, Staff]
  • Spirit [Community Manager, Feedback, Global, Community Events, Staff, Minecraft]
  • Yoshie [Forums Infrastructure]


Community Staff:

  • Rhinous [Head Developer, Teamspeak Manager]
  • Aussi [Developer, Programming, Weapons, Forum Staff]
  • Merc [Developer,  LUA Programming, Player Models]
  • Cuffs [Developer, Map Creator]
  • Flanks [Developer, Player Models]
  • Frosty [Developer, Map Creator]
  • Rambo [Junior Developer, Map Creator]
  • Linguine [Junior Developer, Map Creator, LUA]
  • Superior Jacob [Junior Developer, LUA Programming, Design]
  • Buck [Graphic Designer, Junior Developer]
  • Tringee [Graphic Designer]


Clone Wars Management:


  • Linguine [Server Manager]
  • Centurion [Head Administrator]
  • Sloth [Head Event Master]


Clone Wars Server Staff:

  • Noceur [Administrator]
  • Flea [Administrator]
  • Winter [Administrator]
  • Stingel [Administrator]
  • Shua [Moderator]
  • Pab [Moderator]
  • Rush [Moderator]
  • Siff [Moderator]
  • Matty [Moderator]
  • Ignorant [Moderator]
  • Raccoon [Moderator]
  • Centurion [Clone Wars PAC3 Manager]


Clone Wars Event Staff:

  • Maxonok [Senior Event Master]
  • Andy [Senior Event Master]
  • Buck [Senior Event Master]
  • Pluto [Event Master]
  • SpoonJ [Event Master]
  • Sas [Event Master]
  • Bullet [Event Master]
  • Gforce [Junior Event Master]
  • Gary [Junior Event Master]
  • Quebix [Junior Event Master]
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@Astro has stepped down from the Clone Wars Staff Team due to real life commitments. Good luck, and thanks for serving with us for so long!



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@Flea has been promoted to Server Administrator! He'll be helping train new staff and have his abilites for assisting users expanded. Congratulations!

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@Khai has stepped down from the team due to personal irl circumstances. Thanks for all your hard work over the past year! 


@ItsGary has been promoted to Junior Event Master for passing his Trial Period. Great work!


@Centurion has been made PAC3 Manager. Please go to him with any concerns/questions regarding PAC3.

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After a long tenure, @Budds has stepped down from the Development Team. He served his Monk'e overlords well. Wish him the best.



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A few promotions tonight,


Please give a big round of applause to:

- Buck: Promoted to Senior Event Master

- Quebix: Promoted to Junior Event Master

- Raccoon: Promoted to Moderator

- Ignorant: Promoted to Moderator

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