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Khai's Senior Administrator Application

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Clone Wars RP - Senior Administrator Application




Have you held the rank of Administrator for at least 2 months?


Do you work well in a team?

Yes, I believe I work well in a team.

Do you consider yourself capable of leading others?

Yes. I consider myself capable of leading others.

Do you consistently use the teamspeak and Forums?

Yes, I am very active on both Teamspeak and on the Forums.

Are you willing to learn new ways to approach situations as a team leader?

Yes, I am very much willing to learn new ways to approach situations as a team leader.

Do you have any problems with current staff members?




Steam ID:  STEAM_0:1:79609498

Most common in-game/current alias:

Cody / Khai

Total hours played on Gateway servers:

Main Server: 584.5
Event Server: Unknown due to game tracker not functioning for that server.

Other positions held in the community (if applicable):

PAC3 Manager

Backup Event Master


How known are you on a scale of 1-10 (10 being everyone knows you):




How will you guide the Administrator Team, and assist with the running of the staff team as a whole?

I will guide the Administrator Team with a very open mind. What I mean by that is that I want to be open to any ideas from all staff members on how the server could be run better, different ways different processes could be done to make the experiences of players better.

With the running of the staff team, I would try and encourage each staff member to resolve any disputes, arguments, or dislikes of each other. We are one team, and when people have issues with one another, we are less efficient and worse off for it.


What positive changes will you bring to the experience of both staff and players on the server?

I believe it would be beneficial to both the staff team and the Gateway community if staff members became more sociable with the playerbase, as opposed to locking themselves away in Teamspeak channels or discord. I wish for each staff member to actively try and get to know the playerbase. The community grows and relations between staff and users would become more friendly and result in a positive change in the community. At times, it doesn’t take long to see a clear divide between players and staff, I wish to fix this. When players know staff members, and staff members know players, it is easier to run the server and players are less aggressive towards staff members once a connection has been formed.

For the staff team, I wish to provide a more concrete set of definitions describing expectations and clear activities each rank of staff needs to fulfill, in order to progress in the staff team.

Why are you applying for this position?

I have always sought to leave a positive impact in all the activities I do and with those I interact with. I try my best to do every task to the best of my abilities. I see every task as an opportunity to expand my experiences and to push myself, to perform to the best of my ability. I believe that I can make a positive change in the staff team, that with the position of Senior Admin, I can improve the performance and standards of the staff team.

Ultimately, I think I would be able to lead the staff team effectively, and would welcome the new experiences the position and challenges that this senior position would bring.

Why should we choose you over other applicants?

One big thing I prize myself for doing is being connected with the player-base. I often interact with anyone and everyone in Teamspeak, I don't lock myself away in channels, I try my best to talk with people I do not know. On the Gateway Discord, I am always active in the support or issues / suggestions tab, to try and make sure that if people are having troubles, that someone would possibly be able to help them.

Additionally, I am always pushing myself to fulfill rolls that would help the server. For instance, I am both PAC3 Manager and Backup EM, which are both different positions that require different skill sets. By filling both additional roles, I have been able to take on higher levels of responsibility whilst still remaining as an Admin.



1. An administrator has been accused of abusing their power, what do you do about it?

As with any situation where people have been accused of abusing their power and / or position, evidence is key in deciding any punishments, or whether that accusation has any base. I would first begin by gathering all relevant information. Evidence may include: Logs, chat messages, recounts from witnesses, etcetera. I would record the information in a google docs, to make sure the information does not get lost, and could be given to higher-ranked members of staff.

I would next go to the accused member of staff, and ask them for their recollection of the events. At this stage, one of two scenarios may play out. 

     Scenario 1: The accused member of staff accepts the accusation

     If the accused member of staff accepts the accusation, then it is up to me to decide punishments or courses of action to take. I would direct the member of staff to send an apology to whoever accused them, and a message of apology to whoever their actions may have impacted. Abuse of power is not insignificant, I believe it should often warrant an immediate strike, at the very least. Depending on the severity of the action, I would ask the accused member of staff to stay off the server until I would be able to talk to the Head Admin or Executive Staff, to discuss whether an immediate kick from the staff team or demotion would be in order. 

I would also let the accuser know that the situation has been resolved, and of the punishment, and would also apologise for what had happened.

     Scenario 2: The accused member of staff denies the accusation

     As I already have all the evidence collated, after noting that the accused member of staff denies the accusation, I would make my own decision on whether the member of staff is guilty or not, based on current evidence.

          There is enough evidence to support the accusation:

           Well, like with Scenario 1, I would immediately punish the member of staff once I determined that there is sufficient evidence supporting the accusation. The punishments however would be more severe, as to hide their abuse or refuse that their actions are abuse is very alarming and does not show traits staff members should be demonstrating in a position of power.

I would let the accuser know that the situation has been dealt with, and would apologise for them for having been subject to staff abuse.

          There is not enough evidence to support the accusation:

          If there is not enough evidence to support the accusation, I cannot punish the accused member of staff. However, I would still talk to them about how their actions may be seen as abuse, and that they should be careful of their actions. 

I would let the accuser know that the situation has been resolved, but that there was not enough evidence to support the accusation, and would explain why I cannot punish the staff member with the current available information.


2. Expanding on the previous situation, the administrator who was accused of abusing his power was proven to in fact be innocent and has become quite angry that you would believe the accusations of the user. The user is also frustrated as they believe that the staff member has gotten away with abuse. How do you handle this?

Handling the Administrator:

It is fair anyone would feel upset and angry if they believe that they have been wrongly accused of something they had not done. I would explain to the administrator that it is my role as Senior Admin to listen to every part of the story, gather each part of evidence, and make a judgment off of what I collected. I would also say how I do not believe any accusations of anyone, no matter their rank or personal history, and that I did not believe the administrator was guilty, but that I was just trying to do my job. I would try and let the administrator cool off after talking with them for a while. 

If the administrator did not cool down, or carried a grudge, I would let them sleep on what had happened and talk to them at a later date when they have had a think about what had happened, and are no longer as emotional.

Handling the User:

I would calmly talk to the user, and explain that with the current evidence and final verdict, that the staff member was found to be innocent of abuse. At the same time, I need to acknowledge the fact that the user feels that he has been the subject of staff abuse, and would explain why the actions of the staff member was not abuse. I would, if needed, let the user rant, but at the end, I will say that the staff member was found not to be abusive of powers, and if you argue or verbally attack the staff member after the incident, then that behaviour would not be tolerated and would result in punishments. 


3. You are accused of handling a staff situation poorly by a lower ranked staff member, although the staff member is quite aggressive in their approach, you discover some evidence that supports your poor handling of the situation. What do you do?

In this instance, I need to both be humble in the fact that I could have handled the situation in a better way, but at the same time, aggression towards other members of staff is not tolerated. I would talk to the lower ranked member of staff in a private area, preferable Teamspeak, to discuss at length what had happened.

I would accept that I could have handled the situation better, and would say that I would make sure that the decision I made was still correct. But afterwards, I would explain to the lower ranked member of staff that their aggression is not tolerated, that although I made a mistake, they must be polite in the way they phrase it, and that they need to calm down, reminding them that everyone makes mistakes. 


4. Based on the previous situation, how do you go about de-escalating the situation if you in fact did not handle the staff sit poorly?

If I do not believe I handled the staff sit poorly, I would say exactly that to the staff member. At the same time, I would explain how everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if they wanted to express their opinion, they must do so in an appropriate way. If they had calmed down significantly, I would then talk to them at length to talk about why they think I could have handled it differently, debating ideas in a healthy fashion. 


5. The server is in its peak hour and you notice that many of the admins are offline or playing other games, the only staff on are yourself and two moderators. You receive multiple tickets at once requesting simulations, the resolution of a case of RDM, someone asking about donations and a request for some new troopers to be whitelisted to a job. What do you do?

There are four key tickets here, each with differing levels of priority. I direct the two moderators to take the RDM ticket, and the other to take the whitelist ticket. I would then quickly message the person who had made a simulation ticket, and let them know that a staff member will be with them shortly. I would take the donation ticket, as a moderator would often not know how to properly deal with donations. 

After either myself or any of the two moderators finish up their ticket, I would direct them / myself to take the simulation ticket, as it is the lower-priority ticket and would take the longest to complete. 

After all tickets are completed, I would send a message to the staff discord asking for more staff members to be on, as it is peak time, and it is the expectation that there should be more members of staff on.


6. Members of the staff team are failing to meet the standard expectations of activity and performance. How do you go about enforcing our standards and ensuring improvements are made?

To ensure that members of the staff team who are failing to meet current standards make an improvement, in regards to activity and performance, I would go through a few stages with each individual.

My first stage would be talking to the staff member with low performance, and ask for an explanation of why. Although there are no excuses for treating anyone poorly on the server, there may be more going on than what can be seen on the surface.

     Activity: If the staff member had not been putting through LOA’s, I would direct them to do as such, as otherwise, it appears as if they are not active. If they have the ability to be active, but are choosing not too, I would explain to them that if they do not improve their activity to meet current requirements, that they will be striked or kicked from the staff team.


     Performance: If there were no mitigating factors as to why the staff member had low performance, I would explain to them that they need to improve their performance or face a strike or a kick from the staff team.


After touching on both activity and / or performance with each member, I would explain to them that they need to bring their activity / performance up to standard within the next week, and to keep it stable.

I would ask other members of staff, such as the Administrator team, to keep an eye out for underperforming staff who are not making improvements to their activity and / or performance.


7. The Head Administrator is not available (LOA, ect.), and the server is having a busy night. During the course of this night you have a Staff Meeting, Staff Challenges to be submitted, and a few serious situations regarding staff behaviour towards users, and kit changes being requested by COs. How do you handle these circumstances?

First off, all kit changes requested by COs are to be directed through RHC and, if their chances were approved by RHC, would direct them to sending a message towards Executive staff who can change the coding for kits or models.

For the staff challenges, I would ask for all those submitting staff challenges to message me over discord, to go over at a later date.

The complaints about staff behaviour would take up a significant portion of my night. I would try and have all complaints dealt with prior to the staff meeting, however, if I cannot resolve all instances before the staff meeting, I would ask for Executive Staff to run the meeting while I finish up either collecting evidence, talking to the staff members involved, or allocating punishments, before attending the staff meeting. In the unlikely event that no Executive Staff are available, I would ask the Admin team to run the staff meeting, and for one of the Admins to take notes on my behalf.



Thank you very much for reading my application. I welcome any feedback, or any comments on me as a staff member or person.


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Khai is a dedicated gateway gamer, during in his time he has done a lot for the staff team and server, as my t mod trainer, he trained me to become the best moderator i could, with his dedication to the server and his skills he definitely makes for a good senior administrator  

thanks gamer man, good luck


p.s dont delete my comment this time you hecker,ill be mad if you do it again mr forum admin whoever did that.

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To be honest overall i have only just talked and gotten to know him over the past month as he is 7th Sky CO. As he has been Cody i feel like he has really pushed 7th to it's best it has been in for ages, and has done well in managing being a Commander(I applaud him for that). Khai putting his application out for Senior Admin is a big step and the role is huge to take on with many more responsibility's and expectations. As I'm not a staff and haven't 'worked' with him is that aspect i don't think I'll leave a +1 or a -1 as i feel the people who have worked with him as Staff would have a complete different experience and more of a understanding on what his strengths and weakness's are as a Admin. But overall i think Khai is a great guy, and i wish him the best of luck.
Staying neutral.

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wanted to add something in
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While I believe you make a good Admin, I personally havent had the best interactions with you to begin with. To start off, this is my personal experience with you, dont take it to heart.

From the first time we've met (primarily when you were still a moderator but also until now). You've always had an arrogant and conceited personality; this can range from something as small as "x is cringe" quotes to your recent growth of pride and ego when taking backup events from other EM's. (if you would like to know more about these past-experiences ill tell you in a dm on discord. Would rather not discuss staff issues in a public forum post)

Why is this important? As a Senior Administrator, I believe that you should have qualities of a leader and allow yourself to positively interact with not only the playerbase but other staff. This includes giving critisicism towards others in a professional manner. Through the aforementioned traits and behaviours, I feel that the powers and responsibilites of Senior Admin would get to your head and unless something changes in the upcoming future I'll stick with my decision in your application. While I stand-by with my opinions of you being a good Admin, I would like to see some of these personality traits rectified before changing my mind for your Senior Admin Application.

For now i'll be giving a -1. Good Luck Khai.  

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@Buck :) Thank you very much for leaving feedback that I can work on, and for providing feedback in general.  I would greatly appreciate you sending me a Discord DM about your past experiences. I would love to talk about them, and I am sorry if I have ever offended you, and for coming off as arrogant and conceited. 


21 hours ago, Trotsky said:

Cringe activity

@Trotsky Just in response to this, my activity has been quite low in the past few weeks, this is primarily due to my wifi dropping out constantly. I am working on a fix, and after a long argument with Telstra, my internet should soon be fixed and my activity back up to standard. 


Please note, in regard to the original reply to @Aaray (Voltii), I had replied to a comment that he had later deleted. 

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Clarifying my post
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Firstly, the application itself is very well written and an accurate reflection of you. 


As a moderator of the staff team I have had a large amount of interaction with you. And I'm happy to say it has been positive. You have shown support to myself and all other members of the staff team. In the current absence of a Head Admin, you have stepped up quite a bit into organising the staff team along with the other admins. This shows your initiative and also your leadership skills that are both highly important as you climb the staff ranks. 

Others have brought up the topic of your personality and behaviour issues. I recognise what they are describing here however do not warrant it to the extent that would subtract from you becoming senior admin. To put it simply, I recognise what they are saying but not in a big way at all. We all have areas that we can improve on, if your behaviour was too out of line I would be holding back my vote until you improved, however it is of my opinion that you will be able to improve on yourself naturally as you step into the senior admin role. 

Overall you have earned a +1 from me. 


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Hey Khai, 


From the my read of the application that you have presented I believe that it is to a very high standard and shows your seriousness in furthering your progress within the staff team. Each answer is very detailed and shows how you would handle the situation in every way possible which is great to see. Now I dont know whether my input actually helps but ill tell u what I think anyways. 

From my current standing I do believe that your intentions are good but you do seem to be a bit uptight with things, I am not saying that this is a terrible thing but I will admit that it is hard to gain people's respect when doing stuff like that. It is good that you are staying in top of things and making sure no one makes trouble but you do seem to eager to get people in to trouble.


Overall you are a great guy and I think you would make a excellent senior admin, hope everything goes well for you +1



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