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Centurion's Senior Administrator Application

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Have you held the rank of Administrator for at least 2 months?

Do you work well in a team?
I do.

Do you consider yourself capable of leading others?

Do you consistently use the teamspeak and Forums?
Very much so.

Are you willing to learn new ways to approach situations as a team leader?
Yes, always.

Do you have any problems with current staff members?




Steam ID:

Most common in-game/current alias:

Total hours played on Gateway servers:

Other positions held in the community (if applicable):
Junior Event Master

How known are you on a scale of 1-10 (10 being everyone knows you):




How will you guide the Administrator Team, and assist with the running of the staff team as a whole?

My number one priority as staff is to continue the operation of other members of the team. This includes; making sure staff members are on the server doing their jobs, ensuring the quality of said jobs are high and to ensure the wellbeing of staff and community members. All my efforts would be with these goals in mind. To achieve this, I would seek to maintain or improve aspects of the staff team such as teamwork, staff-to-staff interaction, staff-to-player interaction, the general performance of staff members, and staff activity. 

Through experience, feedback is a huge factor in the development of being a staff member. Through collecting feedback, I would be able to draw on the experiences and observations of others and use it to determine things to maintain and improve. Should any changes be suitable, feedback regarding the implemented change would also be very important to analyse and see the impact of said change whether that be positive or negative. In certain situations, observation over a longer period might be necessary.

Through a doctrine of vigilant observation, I believe I would be able to assist in ensuring that the staff team performs to the best of its ability as a whole.


What positive changes will you bring to the experience of both staff and players on the server?

I believe the experience of mutual respect would be a big aspect of what I can provide. When all the members of a team operate in mutual respect towards one another, it will reduce stress to a minimum and ensure the team at large operates at peak efficiency. Of course, this means focusing on more specific things that play into mutual respect such as how the team members view each other and if there is any discontent at a system or person in place.
As previously stated, feedback would also be a big aspect allowing a wider view of any given subject. Having this broadened view of things would allow you to consider a subject from many angles allowing one to determine a potential outcome best suited to the given subject with the many relevant angles in mind. Careful observation and consideration would allow for shortcomings to be detected and remedies implemented.


Why are you applying for this position?

Throughout my staffing career, I always saw myself as an influential individual. Through taking on a leadership role; I may assist in the running of the staff team and lend my hand in ensuring it performs as best as it can. I wish to be able to guide the team in a way that stays true to the aforementioned goals and ensure that it does not stray away from it.


Why should we choose you over other applicants?

As there are no other applications as of writing this one, I cannot say for sure what traits I might hold over them. That being said, I believe my maturity and ability to work as a team would benefit the staff team. Hence; I would be able to fulfil the role of senior administrator well. 

Furthermore, I would also say that my activity is consistent. Being able to maintain a good presence is very important as it allows immediate action to any developments as they occur as well as being there to detect any developments that occur.




1. An administrator has been accused of abusing their power, what do you do about it?

I would first begin by isolating the involved parties so that they are brought into a controlled environment, such as a TeamSpeak channel and explain to the parties involved what exactly is happening. I would explain that the administrator has been accused of abusing their powers and I would ask the accused whether they accept or deny this accusation. Depending on this, the situation can go multiple ways.

a. Accused Accepts the Accusation
Should the accused accept the accusation then an investigation further into the matter will not be required. From here I would move onto the punishment part and only the relevant parties would remain. Seeing as they admitted to their guilt, it shows that they knew what they did was wrong and are owning up to it. As this is the case, it would be a mitigating factor in the determination of the punishment. That being said, deliberate abuse of staff powers is still going to be a staff strike unless there were any outstanding factors. Depending on the severity of the offence, further punishment such as demotion or removal itself could be considered with server management. An apology would also be very much appreciated as it's best not to leave things on a sour note.

b. Accused Denies the Accusation
Should the accused deny the accusation brought against them, further investigation into the matter would have to occur. Evidence would have to be reviewed and, potentially, witnesses would have to be interviewed. It would start with talking to the accuser and the accused to see what they have to bring forward and would branch out to investigate further should the situation require it. Using all of this information gathered, I would then form a verdict based on the given findings. If someone was able to record the whole thing, this process should be relatively quick.

   i. Guilty Beyond Reasonable Doubt
   The evidence shows the accused to be guilty beyond reasonable doubt and thus I would move on to determining an appropriate punishment. Again, from this point on only the relevant parties would remain. Seeing as they did not admit their guilt, they either knew what they did was wrong but did it anyway or they lacked the judgement to determine what they were doing was wrong. Again, it would be a staff strike unless there were any outstanding factors and further punishment, such as demotion or removal, might be considered with server management depending on the offence. Same as before, an apology will be expected.

   ii. Not Guilty Beyond Reasonable Doubt
   If there is not enough evidence to show the accused as being guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, the accusation would then have to be dropped. All relevant parties would be spoken to and explained that there was not enough evidence to say for sure the administrator committed an abuse of staff powers. I would facilitate a talk between the accused and the accuser so that they may talk it out in a civil manner and settle it through a discussion so that no one maintains any grudges.


2. Expanding on the previous situation, the administrator who was accused of abusing his power was proven to in fact be innocent and has become quite angry that you would believe the accusations of the user. The user is also frustrated as they believe that the staff member has gotten away with abuse. How do you handle this?

If I had found the administrator to be guilty in the initial process and he was later found to be innocent, I would of course repeal any sanctions held towards them. I would explain to the administrator that I had conducted the proceedings attempting to use tangible evidence and that I had failed which I would apologise for. As for the accuser, I would explain to them that this later determination was found using whatever evidence was relevant. Unless the accuser had other evidence to prove the administrator's guilt, they would be innocent of the accusation. I would explain to them that, like our own legal system, we should operate on a system whereby the accused is innocent until proven guilty.


3. You are accused of handling a staff situation poorly by a lower ranked staff member, although the staff member is quite aggressive in their approach, you discover some evidence that supports your poor handling of the situation. What do you do?

I would, of course, accept any valid criticisms and apologise for my shortcomings. I would thank the staff member for bringing this to my attention and explain to them that I genuinely appreciate it so that I may correct my wrongs. I would also remind the staff member that this, however, is not an excuse to become aggressive at a fellow staff member though I would be cautious to make sure that I, in turn, do not come off as aggressive in any way.


4. Based on the previous situation, how do you go about de-escalating the situation if you in fact did not handle the staff sit poorly?

If I had not handled things poorly, I would state as such and explain my reasoning. I would tell the staff member to calm down and ask for their reasoning as to why they thought I did things wrong. From there, we could have a civil discussion and talk things out so that we may settle it appropriately.


5. The server is in its peak hour and you notice that many of the admins are offline or playing other games, the only staff on are yourself and two moderators. You receive multiple tickets at once requesting simulations, the resolution of a case of RDM, someone asking about donations and a request for some new troopers to be whitelisted to a job. What do you do?

Alert all the other moderators and administrators of the situation and ask for their assistance if they are able. I would inform them of what was happening on the server so that they may view my message and understand what was going on and have a better appreciation of why I needed them on. Of course, on the server itself, I would have to manage with what I had and coordinate the 2 moderators so that we may work as a team and meet the demands of these tickets.

The priority would be the RDM case so I would get one moderator on that. I would assign the other moderator to the whitelisting job as that is normally a quick enough job and they would then move on to the simulation ticket once they finished up their whitelisting ticket. If an EM was on during this time, I would ask them to take the simulation ticket to maximise coverage of the staff team. As for myself, I could handle the donation ticket.


6. Members of the staff team are failing to meet the standard expectations of activity and performance. How do you go about enforcing our standards and ensuring improvements are made?

I would first start by explaining to them what standard they've been failing to uphold and ask them why they've been failing to meet said standards. Depending on their answer, I can discuss with them potential methods in finding a remedy for their shortcomings so that they may return to meeting the standards all staff members are held to. Should they be unwilling or incompetent in correcting their errors, the punishment would have to occur whether that be a strike and/or perhaps a demotion/removal that would be discussed with server management.


7. The Head Administrator is not available (LOA, ect.), and the server is having a busy night. During the course of this night you have a Staff Meeting, Staff Challenges to be submitted, and a few serious situations regarding staff behaviour towards users, and kit changes being requested by COs. How do you handle these circumstances?

Seeing as kit changes go through RHC and server management, I would redirect them accordingly. I would start by dealing with the staff challenges by announcing the applicable staff members that they need to hand their challenges in. From there, I would deal with the serious situations regarding staff behaviour towards users and anticipate this would take up a considerable chunk of my time. So long as I do not begin this too late, I should be able to conclude the matter and be ready for the staff meeting.


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Centurion is an extremely active Administrator, very approachable in many respects both on the server and within the Teamspeak. I have never seen him in a scenario where he has acted out of line or acted outlandishly negative toward other players, even ones being put into a sit such as myself. Been in a multitude of fake sits directed by him, which are both quite frequent and diversified to prompt scenarios that serve to really keep new incoming staff on their toes and truly test the mettle of the quality of new staffing. With these qualities he really does seem like the golden boy for this position, helping improve and maintain the staff team to steadily hold steadfast at a certain standard. So I can say at least from my perspective & from what I can see, that this lad is quite the chad 😎

Absolute big burly buff man right here. The very sight of him puts hair on my chest. +1

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Application is extremely detailed and well structured with excellent responses for the questions and multiple tangents for one of the questions. Having been talking to Centurion for roughly a month now everyday because of Arc trainee and T-mod he has been nothing but helpful and a supportive person. I believe he has the ability to uphold all responsibility's which a Senior Admin has and be a role model for the entire staff team.



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Centurion has always been a great member of the staffing community. He has been dedicated to his role and has always shown interest in moving up within the staff team. In addition, as a player you are very easy to talk to and a very kind and helpful person. I personally have never seen any bias opinions or mixed judgements from Centurion and is fair with the judgements he makes. No matter what side youre in. Your app is very well done and I believe you would make a great Senior Admin. 

Good Luck Benturion +1

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Easiest plus one I can give. This guy was one of my closest friends when I first gathered enough confidence to join the teamspeak. He is one of the most supportive people I know and genuinely doesn't have a negative bone in his body, or on his resume. I have always been able to see him easily progress through ranks, and staff is no different. The guy is excellent at his job and is always ready to talk to new people, I speak from experience. 

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Application is very detailed, it truly shows how much he cares for the role. I've known Centurion for a while (more on a formal level rather than personal) and he does a fantastic job as a staff member. I constantly see him doing tickets and helping out others, my only possible improvement is I reckon you could try and interact with some newer people more often but then again this may just be me haha, but from what we have conversed about you have shown respect, been kind and helpful when needed. Best of luck Centurion!

- Pluto


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Always seen him around and offering to help and helping people. He seems extremely passionate about this and that is shown within the Application and on server. Overall really nice guy and think he would suit the role. Wish you the best of luck.
A solid +1 with a tin of Milo

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