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Destruction of the Juggernaut (Campaign)

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Destruction of Juggernaut

These are the most unusual enemy we've ever faced in the Clone Wars Era. At first, we thought this was some type of CIS Plan or attack. But as our Republic Intelligence digs into this attack. We discover we're dealing with a new threat to the Republic. We've already faced some of its attacks. With the Droid attack on Jania Base. They also stole from the CIS, some type of prototype that the CIS was working on. This enemy has large firepower and large enemy forces. These threats will not be taken lightly, as this is a threat against the Republic. I'm gathering the Task Force, we're to ship off soon. This so calls Juggernaut, will be taken down. In the Republic name. General Legacy signing off...






Big Shoutout to @Buck :) for creating the photo above. I'm no good at art, so thank you Buck.

I've been working on this Campaign for some time, and I'm happy to say it will be hosted on 01/08/2020.

The Campaign will start at 1:00, going down to 2:30, 4:30, 6:30, 8:30.

I'd hope to see you there at Saturday and come play Destruction of Juggernaut!

Any questions, leave a comment! Thanks!


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Is the juggernaut a type of beast? jk sounds interesting looking forward to it.

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Posted (edited)

Campaign Rewards!

I'll be giving couple of Campaign Reward for the Campaign. One of the event will be Best Bunk Competition and MVPs Badges.

Best Bunk Competiton

This will be chosen myself that I see as the best bunk in the Campaign. We will be at the on-base map with the option to build your bunks.  There will be placements for it. 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Commanders will be given the amount and it's up to him dispute to his regiment.
1st - 10,000

2nd - 5,000

3rd 1,000

May the best bunk win!

MVPs Badges

Most Valuable Player will be reward at the end of the Campaign as Badge on the Forum you can have. There will only be three handed out to three players on the Campaign at the end. 

May the Best Player win!


Hope to see you there,



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Thank you for all playing, that was the End of the Juggernaut Campaign.

I would like to thanks, @Stingel @Noc @Sas @Siff @Flame @Gecko @Monster @Pyro @14 @Babatunde @Aphasic @BlackBullShark @Kaizenator @Kicks @Mr Nuke for playing their Event Roles and helping out the Campaign

Thank you to @Linguine, @Spirit and @Budds for adding the Event Preset, Maps and the Musics.

Big thank you to @Pab and @Pluto for helping the Campaign and running the mini events on the server. Big help, I apperciate it!

Winners of the Events, list follow...
Bunks Comp:

1st - Courscant Guard

2nd - 7th Sky Corps

3rd - ARC

@Pab, @Shark, @Gecko

Thank you for playing my Campaign, until then. I'll see you in the next one.

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