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Pick a Massif Name!

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Hello all!

Coruscant Guard is doing a massif
(haha, get it) rework of the Massif system preexisting within CG at this time. For this, there will be two series of Massif's. One series is the Immortal Massifs, there are 5 in total Massif's that will exist across all CG generations, they cannot get PK'd. This is mainly to stop silly names people are picking for bunk inspections, to have a bit o

Well, you ask, how does this relate to me?

Well cynical forums user! CG currently has 4 names that we are going to use for the Immortal Massif's, we have one name slot still open, this is where you come in. If interested, you can submit your own choice for what the one remaining Immortal Massif will be named. You will have to pick a name for a Massif, and come up with a short, concise, backstory of maximum 100 words. In essence, if your application is successful, your name will be part of Gateway Lore for the foreseeable future.

For voting on this, incredibly, important server changing vote, make sure to only +1 people's names and backstories, if you like them. No -1's as to try and stop people spam -1 people applications. Use the template below if you are interested. This vote will be up for 7 days, so, make sure to +1 the names and backstories you like! Good luck all applicants!

Template for Voting: 


Backstory (Maximum 100 words): 



Serious replies only please. Non-serious posts will be removed. ~ Spirit

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Name: Mango

Backstory: He was found outside of jania and taken in by the medics until he managed to start a fire and dig up a bomb and Tx droid He was taken by Cg since the medics wouldn't be able to use his true potentioal

Real story too was hosted by buck Loved it


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Name: Bepsi

Backstory: Mass breed by greedy breeders and distributed among the masses, Bepsi's brethren had become apart of many families and drug traders protection groups. Bepsi has a great taste and refreshing bubbles that come along with his ravenous appetite and saliva. Bepsi has found himself in the hands of some GM troopers who uncovered him within a cave and took him under their wing.

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Name: Ludwig

Backstory: Ludwig was the fanciest mastiff of them all. He spends most of his time reading travel guide books whilst drinking lipton green tea. throught ludwig's training within CG's dog training course, Some other mastiff tried to rip off Ludwig's tuxedo. But instead he decided to grab his monocle and kill the other mastiff. He speaclizes in great style within the royal industry and loves to make tea for his buddys. Ludwig is a pretty cool gamer. 

81 Best Men & Animals in Tuxedos & Suits images | Tuxedo suit, Men ...

kinda would look like this

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Name: Satan
Backstory: Satan was a young Massif father, but left his children to the great unknown, all undefended. No one knows why he came back, or where he will be reliably found. Satan appears out of nowhere, crushing his opposition with pure facts and reason. Sometimes you may find him all alone in various locations, but be aware, for you never know when Satan will bite the hand that feeds him. 

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Name: Abel

Backstory (Maximum 100 words): Abel is an old massif who lost his son maurice in a freak accident involving sharp kitchen utensiles in Skirata bunks, Abel has a strong dislike to people who do not follow orders and people who act like monkeys and can become easily agitated towards such people usually resulting in multiple bite wounds, Abel is good at finding contraband and likes to eat too much food, Abel likes those in the unassigned regiment for some reason and respects them. Abel is a very loud dog and doesnt shut up but in a good way. Abel will sometimes go looking for his son and mistake people for his son and start howling (its PTSD), Abel has been a military massif since he was young, his father and his fathers father were military massifs and he was intending to get his son to becoe yet another military dog before the accident. Abel is a good boy.

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