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New Admin System

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Hello all, 

As of tonight, we have transferred to our new admin system, meaning that we will no longer be using ULX. For privacy reasons, i'm not going to be disclosing what it's called, but just know that it's a super confined, super optimized admin system and will help the server immensely when it comes to performance and usability. ULX was riddled with useless commands and the way it was written and coded wasn't in favour of larger communities. Our new system is super streamlined and has the intended purposes that it's for STAFFING only. 

We have ironed our to what we believe to be all the original issues with the default system, we've tailored it to our server and added some of our own commands that suit our addons, however, we may have missed some and some things MIGHT break, If they do, report it to a myself or a management member. 

This is just a warning and announcement to players that some things might not work as intended due to the change over, again, if they don't please help us and report them. 🙂

Thank you everyone, this is only one of changes we have backed up and in the works, there are many more to come soon so look out for a development changelog. 

Big thanks to @Rhinous for creating custom commands and doing some back-end work with the admin system. 


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