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Require usage of the objectives menu during events

(POLL) Should the Objectives menu be setup for events? Should it be required?  

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  1. 1. In your opinion should the Objectives menu be setup for events? ( Please base your answer on net benefits of Obj. Menu in use/not in use as well as preference; Please discuss in comments your reasoning )

    • Yes, it should be setup for events.
    • No, it should not be setup for events.
  2. 2. In your opinion should the Objectives menu be REQUIRED to setup for scheduled events? ( First question is trying to display how many people value the menu; This Q is displaying how many people view the menu as necessary)

    • I believe that EM's should be required to setup the Objectives menu for all scheduled events.
    • I dont believe that EM's should be required to setup the Objectives menu for all scheduled events.

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Please require usage of the objectives menu during events. Of the last few events Doom's Unit was scheduled for one was running definitely better specifically because of the usage of the f8 menu. The map was the kashyyyk Jungle map and we had two separate groups pursuing separate objectives up in the trees and on the ground floor. This wouldn't have been possible without the additional reminder on what to do and what to expect. So far I have participated in 4 of the last 5 scheduled doom events and 3 of those utilized the f8 menu. Each was more organized and allowed for the greatest possibility of success for the overall playerbase participating in the event.  

The f8 menu keeps people informed as the event progresses allowing late joiners to immerse themselves into the EM's intended story. Regardless of intended scope of the event it is my belief that the usage of the f8 menu should be required for all scheduled events. 

PS Please use bombers more consistently when dealing with high population. If you need a higher health bomber to be able to run actual strafing runs without being shot down immediately I will provide it for free and immediately if it will be used to avoid "didnt die" event scenarios. 

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Posted (edited)

If you were talking about dealing with large groups of players out of position, the turbolaser tool is more reliable, customisable and predicatble, AI bombers have a mind of their own and will likely ignore the group of players you wanted to kill.

If you're talking about player controlled Y Wings, I feel like that would only work properly in Navy/Pilot orientated events. Once you get more frontline regiments on the ground, bombers end up being more of a danger to troopers than the NPCs. Bombing runs are very situational and most of the time the frontline regiments melt through large groups of NPCs in less time than a bomber ever could.

Roleplay would have to dictate that troopers alone would not be able to defeat the large group, and order them not to attack. This stops the flow of the event for many people and can easily be ruined by a few players that somehow missed the order. Bombing runs would be safer to assign to world objectives such as destroying a building/machine rather than large groups of enemies, as it halts the flow of the event for 80% of the server's players.

Anything bombers can do, 60 troopers can do better.

As for the whole objective menu being used. I have yet to play an event where the EM has not used the objectives menu, unless it was a last minute backup em that had taken over after the main EM had crashed. I can't see the issue on either front here.

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EMs have been told to use the f8 menu as much as possible. However there will always be some human error where someone forgets.

If that's the case, all you have to do is ask another squad mate or in ooc what you're doing, it's not exactly a deal breaker for most people

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Objective menu should be used whenever possible.  EMs will forget sometimes.  Sometimes an event won't benefit from the use of objectives.

Budds summed it up with bombers.

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@Buck :) most of the time when the f8 menu isnt in use most of your squad mates wont be sure. Just no clip around when you see a group of 5 or more just standing around when you believe they /should/ be working towards an objective. At some point you will hear someone say "What are we doing?" and half the time the answer will be "I dont know" if the menu aint setup. I understand there are times when people have to take over events but hopefully those are really the only major exception to the objective menus use. Although, tbh, it feels as if the obj menu is probably the only way someone could realistically take over an event they didnt start themselves. If the EM prior disconnected mid fight or something the new EM could easily use the Objective menu literally just to tell people to "standby in current locations until further orders" to reafirm that command as people complete combat or whatnot. Avoids a mess and helps refocus an event, especially at a time of turmoil. 

@Budds @Linguine
In regards to my PS about usage of bombers I think there was a little confusion on what I meant, thats on me. First off, high key I agree with your thoughts on their usage by players in general. 

 I was specifically asking for them to be used more from the EM standpoint. Ie more EC and NPC usage of the bombers. The LFS NPC bombers may not be smart killers but they are a one shot kill threat that cant really be ignored for very long since its only a matter of time till the AI realizes "OH THEY ARE RIGHT UNDER ME!" and nukes a group of 6-9 on the ground. These should be used more often when the player population goes above 50-60. Its like theres a point where theres so many of us shooting that solely ground npcs are too easy to wipe out unless  the EM is trying to obliterate, which isnt very often.

I was offering to quickly provide a bomber specifically for EC's (and LFS npcs) that has a much higher base health or whatever would make them a more reliable threat. I know a lot of peeps on your team are busy with life and all that and I have the time now to provide it if it will be used. 


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