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Ego personified

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For those who don't know me I'm Sevens, I am currently ARC Commander A-57 Spade. 

Just a brief summary of who I am and what I've done

I was there with @Stooge when Gateway was made, and have been ARC throughout the majority of my playtime in the community. I have staffed the server for a couple years as an Admin, and have done everything I could to help benefit the community.

I joined ARC in its 2nd Generation. I created the Gen system which records history for ARC, I also advised many of ARC leaders in the past. 

Throughout my time in the server I have had the pleasure of receiving punishments from @Stooge, being demoted 3 times. One of them was on July 5th thus leading to the meme. Helped stage a coup that one time, and got demoted for shooting my grapple hook. Good times. However each demotion helped my growth.

I have always tried to associate with most player groups in the past. Making friends and forming connections.

I founded NULL on my own and tried to expand it. It was removed by Stooge after I shot my grapple. After making a 'Deal with the Devil" aka s8ncaat, we brought NULL back a little while later.

I had the pleasure of leading NULL with @s8n, @Zia@Linguine, .@Rhinous etc.

I battled the Furries alongside @Beatroot.

Cloneforce 11 that one time lol

I've enjoyed my fair share of powerplays, I hope to experience more jk or am I 😉

I've been told I got a massive ego, I've accidentally flexed too hard a lot. My bad lol.

I left the server with a clean slate for personal reasons. Passed Ordo onto @s8n.

I returned due to current circumstances, and was given Kal as a support role for ARC.

Recently ARC has undergone major changes, management have appointed me ARC Commander in an attempt to fix it. For those who I haven't met yet in Gateway; I hope we can get along.

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I think this sums the post up in a nutshell.

Ah shit.jpg

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