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Clone Wars RP - Jedi Update - 19/04/20

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Brief Overview 

  • The Jedi Update is here! 
  • 20+ Form stances
  • 50+ Force Powers
  • Lock-on-system (ALT+E) when looking at a target.
  • 25+ Skill Trees
  • Customisable Lightsabers
  • Reverse Lightsaber preferences
  • Prestige system
  • No more /ticket - I need dual lightsabers!

This post contains all the information required to understand how the new system of gameplay works. Firstly, the system is operating on a gameplay-to-skill basis, therefore, if you play on your Jedi slot more often you will be more powerful than those who don’t. Throughout the development process the main goal was to enhance the Jedi experience on Gateway while providing much needed performance and administration upgrades. Enjoy!

PART 1: Skills

  • Added Skill Trees
  • Added Xp
  • Added New Forms 

Main tree = “The Fundamental Force”, learn basic abilities. 
Dueling Tree = “Combat and Warfare”, acquire buffs and upgrades to your character
Path Tree = “Guardian, Sentinel, Consular”, for knights+ specialised abilities 
Alt Tree = “Temple Guard, Vaapad”, abilities for a limited number of Jedi
Class Tree = “Teleport”, attend classes and learn from the Masters
Form Tree = “Shi-Cho”, attend classes and learn different fighting styles.

How do I get XP?

  • Participating in Jedi Raid Event = 2000xp
  • Playing Standard Event = 500xp
  • Attending a class to learn new skills = 350xp 
  • Attending a passive rp or training session lead by a Master+ = 200xp

Playing on your Jedi Slot awards passive xp


PART 2: Weapons and Combat

  • Added New HUD - (ALT+F)
  • Added Lock-on (ALT+E) 
  • Added New Saber Effects - Silver Saber
  • Added Preference to Hold Lightsabers in Reverse
  • Added Stamina System

All Jedi now have a personalised lightsaber that can be individually customised. 

PART 3: Prestige 

  • Added Prestige System
  • Added Custom Force Abilities

Theme: In the archives are mentions of Jedi Legends, lost to time and space. These individuals were the most dedicated, loyal and powerful of the Jedi Order.

  •  After 100 levels, prestige is available
  • As a player, you will explore several Jedi prophecies on your quest to become a Jedi Legend. 
  • You will be rewarded with specialised Force Abilities designed for the strongest players.
  • Prestige abilities are permanent, even if you decide to leave the order.

If you decide to prestige there are no refunds, no complains to staff or council


If you have any additional questions, I will be in attendance at today's Jedi meeting. I ask if all Jedi attend to receive their relevant skills/boost per in-game rank. If you have not already filled out the form posted on the Jedi Discord.

I strongly encourage players who haven’t already purchased a Jedi. The new update provides a rich roleplay experience that so many communities fail to do correctly. If you are interested or have any questions about Jedi come speak with Myself @s8n or active Jedi on the server. For more information go to here.


I will consider doing another update when a certain number of people reach Jedi Legend status. Have Fun and Enjoy!

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Big thank you to @Merc for the amount of times he's put in and how he's had to restart due to bugs or work around new wiltos stuff. Glad that it's finally out and Jedi are getting some love. 


Dell EMC – Promotions

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Posted (edited)

Thank you so so so much @Merc for the amount of time and effort you put in for the new Jedi update 

Edited by Lιʅ Akali
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Excited to play the new update, thanks merc for all the amazing work.

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Dude it took a while but holy fuck you did everything you said you were going to do this is great. Might come back to try it out 

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Thanks for taking the time to do it merc looks great!

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Looks cool as, good work man.

Will you be able to hit prestige master???

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