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Clone Wars RP - Development Changelog - 15/04/20

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Hey everyone, just an update on the development for the Clone Wars server (no Jedi Update just yet) A lot of the changes that have been done this time around are more back-end changes of how the gamemode & some addons work to prepare for the Event Server, however there is some new content that I'd like to share with you all

Added Content/Changes

  • HUD Changes

           The player name label had been updated with a new font and styling


  • Chatbox

           The chatbox has been changed to a more simplistic style based on the Battlefront chatbox. The chatbox also now has some new useful features.



  • F2 Menu & Home Page Overhaul

           Brand new menu layout to give more screen space to the actual page and less to the menubar. The home screen has been overhauled, it now has an announcement box, A POTW section and a ROTW section. Fancy sounds have also been added throughout the menu.



  • Presets Moved to F2 Menu

           This change only really applies for Event characters or Lore characters who used to use the presets system. It has now been fully integrated into the F2 menu.



  • Arrests System for Coruscant Guard

           Coruscant Guard will now be able to place AOS' and RFA's through the F2 Menu. (Possibly more additions coming soon)



  • Event Server

           All the needed changes have been made to the gamemode for the Event Server to work. The server itself has also been setup and is ready to go 


An explanation post and FAQ will all be answered in a post made by @Linguine very shortly.


If you think you've found a bug or error with any of the content changes please contact me 🙂


Upcoming Content

  • J̶e̶d̶i̶ ̶U̶p̶d̶a̶t̶e̶/̶s̶
  • Pointshop 2 Revamp
  • Level / XP Revamp
  • NPC Rework
  • Currency System
  • Quest System
  • Training System
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This is just amazing @Rhinous thank you so much for the hard work you put in for the server, I’m very excited! 

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You and your who ever helped you on this are gods amongst gamer

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