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Feak'z Graphic Disigner Application

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Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Uf6k09nl48/

In-Game Name: 3325 Feakz

Teamspeak Name: Feakz

Age: 20





What programs do you use to create artwork?

I am currently using Photo Shop to create my artwork.


How experienced are you in graphic design?

Not a great amount however It is something I enjoy.


What is your preferred art style?

Cartoon centred around Star Wars.


Why do you want to be a graphic designer?

I find myself with a considerable amount of spare time on my hands which allows me creative freedom to make Images. As said earlier I also enjoy making Star Wars related images, some of which are currently being used on the gateway gaming team speak channels. If I were to be properly elected as a graphic designer the community would recognise me and come to me for work when required which is exactly what I want. 

Besides the above reasons I have been around within the community for a long period of time but never really aspired to do something other then play, so this gives me a goal to aim for and something different to do that is also beneficial for the community. I want to get recognised and I do not have the time to commit to any other roles, so I feel this is the best course of action for me. Thank you.



It's important to recognize that IF you become a Graphic Designer for Gateway Gaming, the content you possibly provide is for the use on Gateway Gaming ONLY. If you are caught distributing any content without the permission of the Executive Staff team, you will be community banned.


Do you agree to this?

Yes I agree to the TOS, and except any punishment given if I break the TOS.




Artwork Showcase:

Please provide examples of some of your artwork (2-3 Items):

All the regiment Teamspeak icons currently used are of my creation, so feel free to check them out, however, here are two imgur links of work I have completed for @Beatroot @Rambo & @s8n

Link One.

Link Two (16x16 pics used for Teamspeak Icons)



This finishes my application, I thank you all for reading and I hope you consider me to becoming a gateway gaming Graphic Designer. If anyone would like to request any work please get in contact with me via Team speak.

And keep in-mind depending on how much work and what it is I may charge a small fee.

 Once again thank you.

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Feaks is a dear friend of mine who has committed to the role without even having it, via seeking out those who require work and completing it in a modest amount of time. 
Feaks has expressed to me on multiple occasions that he wants to make his mark on the server and he enjoys making images that the server can use for anything from Teamspeak icons to Spreadsheet Legend pictures. So if this is his calling to finally do something productive here then I believe the role is more then fitting and deserved. 

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Looks good dude, wouldn't mind seeing more of your work! +1

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You seem very dedicated to what you do. I experienced that first hand when you would express your desire to repopulate and care for the ImperialRP server prior to its shutdown. 

I know for a fact, you'd be dedicated to this role, as shown with the examples above which have further elevated your ability compared to when you applied sometime last week or whenever it was.

Goodluck, +1

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looks good bro some awesome detailing in the helmets

+1 from me goodluck

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Those helmets just be hitting different 😩 +1 from me my dude can't wait to see you progress and get better over time.

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I mean if we can get a hold of those 187th ones for the sheet 😉
nah jk, good lad mate and you did well working with us in GGNN. +1 

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Seen some of the amazing work of Feaks, I would happy to have Feaks apart of the Graphic Designer team. It +1 from me.

Good luck, Feaks.

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