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Hacketty's Intro I Guess

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Alright, so, I've been on the server for around 5 months now, but I've never gotten around to doing an intro yet, so I guess I'll do it now.


Hi, my name is Bork Bork. But everyone knows me by main in-game name: James Hacketty (or just Hacketty)
I've been in Navy for most of my time on the server, and have been in core, engineers, and I was the CO of Medical Staff.

Started StarWarsRP a couple years back on Poseidon, was in 5th fleet for a long ass time, but I got kinda bored of Gmod for a while.

Came back, and haven't regretted a thing.
I'm kinda shit at combat in gmod, very out of practice. I usually stick to RP and admin work.

Usually you can find me vibing in JamWay's TS channel, or on discord. Just come in and have a chat, I've been meaning to get to know y'all more.

Have enjoyed my time on GG, and hopefully will be on here for a while (unless the HSC hits me hard)

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The profile picture is honestly top notch

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1 minute ago, Coric said:

The profile picture is honestly top notch

Sell the younglings as slaves, I will.

Purchase more ketamine, I must.

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