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The Bucket v.2

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\\ Accessing Clone Database //

\\ Please insert Login Details //

\\  User: user | Password: ***** //

\\ Access Granted //

\\ Welcome user //

\\ Search ID: 2427 // 

\\ CT-2427 code name: "Bucket" found! //

\\ Accessing files //





Full Name: Lance Corporal CT-2427 Bucket.

Known Alias’/Nicknames: The Bucket.

Previous Occupation: 187th Airborne Battalion.

Current Occupation: Coruscant Guard Strategic Information Service.

Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Droid Speak, Mando'a, Tusken.

Hobbies:  Combat Training, Shower thinking, Destroying his clone brethren in Dejarik.

Equipment: DC-15s, DC-17, Combat Knife, Taser, Restraints.

Specialties : Translating, Interrogation, Torture.

Alignment: Galactic Republic | Grand Army of the Republic.




Mental State: 

Intellectual Disability (ID), Mental Retardation (MR), Multiple personality disorder (MPD), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD).

Mental Disabilities: 

Slow, Bad at reading, Not the best at maths, Referees to them self in a third person, Always forgets to take and where he left his meds.


Playing Dejarik, Training, Practicing his translation skills, Playing with his Bucket.


Clankers, Big books, Hard questions, When his officers get angry at him.




Physical State: 

 Young Clone, Very Fit.




88 Kg.


Slim Muscular.


Has a bad left eye.


Black hair, brown eyes, no facial hair, average clone height.




CT-2427 was cloned and raised on the clone home world of Kamino. Most of his years he spent in training and trying to make friends with his brothers. After graduating from his training on Kamino, Bucket was shipped out to the front line to fight for the republic. After fighting on the front lines for a few months, The Bucket is relocated and placed into the 7th Sky Core. He later becomes a trooper with in the airborne unit of the 7th Sky Core, called 2nd Airborne. The Bucket was later relocated again to another airborne company, that was within the 187th Battalion. After fighting on the front lines for another couple of months The Bucket was relocated again to the Coruscant Guard were he is now serving as a S.I.S trooper. Detective Bucket and his partner Detective Carter are the newest members of the S.I.S and are awaiting their next mystery to solve.


Bucket with his bucket


Dead | Death Wish | Hatred | Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend


Detective Carter: One of the Bucket's most trusted brothers, Carter not only has helped The Bucket enforce the law and fight crime, But he also helps him remember to take his meds and comms in criminals RFA's.


Criminals: The Bucket HATES crime and will do anything to rid the republic of the scum that break the law.


The Coffee guy: The Bucket always needs his cup of Joe to help him solve crime, and keep him energized and ready for anything.


War criminals: People who commit war crimes are the worst of the worst, and The Bucket will do ANYTHING to rid the galaxy of these scum.


Bruck: Out of all the massifs in the galaxy, Bruck is by far The Buckets favorite. The Bucket likes to take Bruck for walks to feed him whenever he is around him.


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If Bucket doesn't get RHC by Sunday I'm leaving the server

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