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Kruger (Mikey)

An Untimely Return?

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You should come back if you enjoy playing gmod and especially Star Wars RP, or just enjoy the company of fellow gateway gamers, if not then I wouldn't recommend it for you personally.

I cannot say I personally know who you are as I was not around when you played most likely. But what others think shouldn't affect or waver your decision when it comes to you playing a video game.

End of the day the way you spend your time and your own personal enjoyment is down to you, not others.

Welcome back if you do come back, if not then cya have a good time. 🙂

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Just game if you want.

Hope to see you around 😄

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21 hours ago, Andy said:


That's probably fair. Looks like most of the guys and girls that played when i did have since left. Ahh well. You'll hopefully get to know me mate. 

Same goes for 





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Pretty much what Aussie said, it is up to you to return or not. If you want to give it another go, then I am all for it. But come back on your own terms. Do what makes you happy.


I look forward to talking to you if you come back to GG 🙂

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Hope you come back mate, from speaking in ts you seem like a sick cunt ay, hope you'll have some fun one way or another on the server.

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