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Staff Structure

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Gateway Gaming  Staff Roles 

Executive Staff Team


Owner - The Community Owner of the Gateway Gaming Star Wars RP Server. Both Stooge and s8ncaat will be present if executive level tasks need to be performed. 

Co-Owner - Similar to the Owner, the Co-Owner is the trusted right hand of the Owner, acting in lieu of said Owners with similar authority. 

Community Manager - Executive leader of the server who is present to ensure that the community is healthy, coordinating the addition and management of server content, and acting as the overall figurehead of the staff team.

Staff Manager - The entry level rank of the Executive Team takes overall leadership of all staff teams within the GG Community, working closely with the Managers of each server. Mainly prevalent when GG has multiple active servers running at once.


Community Staff

Community Advisor - Former active staff members who are deemed worthy of holding an advisory position to the staff team become Community Advisors, who assist all members of staff in resolving perceived issues on the server, and suggesting improvements/changes.


Server Staff Team

Server Manager - The  Server Manager is the leader of day-to-day operations of a single server within the GG Community. Acting as the overall manager of Server Staff and the EM team, the Server Manager handles the back end maintenance of a server (Job Code, Content, Addons etc,), server rules and policies, and also handling staff promotions/discipline with the assistance of the Junior Manager, Head EM and Head Admin.


Junior Manager - The Junior Manager is the second in command and recognized as the up and coming Server Manager. Their duties include assisting the SM with day-to-day operations of their respective server within the GG Community. Acting as the overall manager of Server Staff and the EM team, the Junior Manager assists and learns to handle the back end maintenance of a server (Job Code, Content, Addons etc,), server rules and policies, and also handling staff promotions/discipline with the assistance of the Head EM and Head Admin.


Head Administrator - The leader of the server staff team. The Head Administrator handles all aspects of the Server Staff team. They carry out demotions, punishments and maintenance. The Head Administrator is also present to ensure that the staff Rules of Conduct and expectations are being met by all within the staff team.


Senior Administrators Leaders of the Administration team. Senior Administrators act to keep the Server Administrators under their leadership operating to their fullest capacity, and assist the Head Administrator and Server Manager with high level duties on and off the server. 


Administrators Members of the Administration team. Server Administrators are staff members who have proven their abilities to be trusted with the enforcement of various mid-high level duties on and off the server. Administrators enforce the server rules in full, assist the Senior Moderators in taking care of the day to day operations of the Moderator Team if necessary, and assist any and all staff (new or old) with anything and everything.


Senior Moderators Leaders of the Moderator team. Senior Moderators are tasked with training new Trial Moderators, and ensuring that the Server Moderators are performing well. Senior Moderators report to the Head Administrator.


Moderators Members of the Server Moderator team. Moderators are the core majority of the Server Staff, and act to assist players in day-to-day standard staff duties on the server. 


Trial Moderators Players who have been selected to become Trial Moderators on the Staff Team. Trial Moderators are guided primarily by Senior Moderators and other staff in their low level duties to assist players on the server. After a two week trial period, Trial Moderators are put under review, and potentially brought on as full Moderators. 


Event Staff Team


Head Event Master - The leader of the event staff team. The Head Event Master handles promotions within the Event Team, punishments, executive level event and timeline decisions etc, and ensures that the quality of events held on the server is at acceptable standards.


Senior Event Masters - Senior members of the event team who have proven their skill and loyalty within the team over time. Senior Event Masters assist the Head Event Master with the running of the Event Team, and ensures that new event staff are being mentored properly. 


Event Masters - Established members of the event team. Event Masters have proven themselves to be capable and responsible members of the event team, and mentor the junior staff over time. 


Junior Event Masters - Junior members of the event team. Junior Event Masters have completed their trial periods and are given permission to lead events on their own. 


Trial Event Masters Players who have been selected to become Trial Event Masters who are undergoing a 3 event trial period to determine their worthiness for the event team going forward. Trial Event Masters are paired with mostly Event Masters but with Junior Event Masters also if the need arises. 


Simplified Hierarchy



Management Team

Server Manager
Junior Manager

Head Admin

Head Event Master
Head Developer


Senior Staff Team

Senior Admin
Senior Event Master

Senior Moderator


Core Staff Team

Event Master

Junior Event Master



Development Team



Current Staff Roster


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