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Joseph Block

Kirks PAC3 Application CW

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Steam ID:76561198176952725


Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198176952725/


Current in-game alias: Senior Chief Kirk


Time Played (Hours): on Gmod 1,615 hours on the server since i came back 18.93.


Are you a donator? No not currently hoping to be soon

PAC3 Questions

Have you used PAC3 before? Yes although im not well versed in animations i can make outfits

and role play heavy action groups


Why do you want access to PAC3? 

I feel it will give me more freedom to flush out my character, and give more visual aid to my rp

situations and further enhance my time on the server


How is using PAC3 going to enhance your time on the server?

i feel it will help in RP situations say calling in for back up or just look good in general for all of navy

giving me more oppotunities for roleplay.

PAC3 Examples:

now i know sword isnt a weapon in game but i used to have it for ceremonial purposes and can be removed when not in that situation, furthermore the hologram plays a selected soundbite im sure you know about it i would show but i have no idea how to video it in game.




thank you for your time.











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+1 I like the creativity you put into just about each piece of the pacs and i like how the sword is personally made no copy and placed completely made from scratch and it shows a great creativity, i also like the  vest and helmet and the personal droid there is also a good touch.

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I really like the creativity of the armory for navy, just remember that it is against Pac rules to use parts of other models in your character. Other than that +1

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Your application has been discussed with members of staff and a consensus has been reached. 
Overall, this is the verdict:
Your PAC regarding the naval sword is not usable, using the helmet is using a model off of another model, a violation of the donation / PAC rules and not permitted on this server. Your drone model looks a bit model intensive. We would like to see some more usable examples of your PAC knowledge, some unique examples would be great. You are on the right path to get your PAC application accepted, but we need to see a bit more work and examples of your PAC skills.

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There is a point where it is to simple for a PAC application

What we want in a PAC 3 Application
A general understanding of PAC rules
A general understanding of how to use PAC3

What I have seen from your PAC 3 app
You have a very basic understand of PAC3 however it is almost to basic for what we are currently looking for. The helmet you put on the model is currently breaking PAC3 rules as you are not allowed to transfer another models head and put it on your own. Yes it does look good but once again it breaks PAC3 rules, same goes for the armour on the chest as it breaks the custom donation model rule if you wish to have armour as a naval personal you should talk to a model maker about getting that done, next thing is the sword it doesn't really make sense in Clone Wars RP but it does show me that you can put models onto your current model but once again it doesn't work with the current server as we are a Clone Wars RP. The drone is the next thing that i've noticed from what it looks like it has a lot of different props on it just to make the drone (not to sure) if it does that would have to be minimized as if could cause server lag if your PAC3 has to many entities in it.

From what i have seen you have a basic idea of PAC3 but i need to see that follows the rules since the helmet and chestplate are breaking pac rules not saying you aren't good at pac but your current rules aren't following the current rules and need to be changed

Best of luck with your application

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We have discussed your PAC 3 Application


Reapply in 2 weeks, Come to myself or Khai for any questions

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