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Buck's Final Stand

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It's a day of Mourning. 

Goodbye brother Buck, I genuinely wish the best in life and your future. It's a shame it had to happen this way but regardless you've been one of the players on the server that I had constantly looked up to. You will be sorely missed throughout the community. You've left your impact on the community and it won't be the same without you around. You were always a positive person to hang around and loved to have fun, sure it pushed on the limits of minge sometimes but that's what made you special from the others :~). ARC should be in good hands with the players that you have nurtured.

Once again, goodbye buddy. Do ensure you still continue to jump on the TS from time to time, you've got me on discord I'm only a PM away. I'll do Minge CO. proud as its next CO.


Lastly, do the ARC Commander Air Maxes' fit Unassigned armour?
If so I am interested in buying them.

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I'll see you around vod. 

Even though I don't play Clone Wars regularly anymore, still sad to see you go. You and all the ARC boys of our gen gave me a place to meet new people and get new experiences. I'm still friends with the majority of people from our batch, and I have you to thank for that. Sorry that we stopped talking, just had stuff to do. If you ever want a chat let me know and I'll see you around. 




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Sad to see you go mate didnt interact with you much but the times i did see you i couldnt talk for a good bit without my laugh being considered mic spam, have a good one and i hope you can come back in the future one day a big
/me salutes 
to you bro

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Appreciation Post

Bit late to the party but oh well haven't been on my PC much. 

Warning: The following is a story of how Buck has been apart of my life on gateway.


Anyway, where do I even begin lmao. Honestly buck I think you've been with me on gateway now since the moment I first stepped foot into the server, literally, you trained me as a cadet. Unless it was hard to tell at that time, I legit looked up to you. Like as an ARC who can climbswep the 5 lanes? I mean come on, who wouldn't ask for a training. So ever since the beginning, you've been with me, and you've been one of the best if not the best person I've known on the server. You're the one person I've always gone to for help, and always been someone I can go to for advice. When I was first starting out, I actually was always coming to you for help with my climbswep. I remember you setting up the lanes and other sweps in the hangars of that old outpost map. You taught me how to actually use the tool, and how to forward that knowledge to others. Before actually communicating with you other than just checking if the corgi profile picture was online and shooting you a message, I knew I wanted to be your friend. So, fast forward. I am in my prime on gateway. I had just maximized my potential on the server as the 41st Beta-ARC. Again, if it wasn't obvious I was always trying to learn the ropes of an ARC, from you. I used to Astro all of your PACs, I used to join your training sessions, I even came in the whitchcraft 😎. Anyway, it was around this time I gained an interest for actually joining ARC. Obviously it was a goal of mine since the beginning, however I was at a point where I had talked to a lot of the ARC guys and I knew I wanted to be alongside them for real. After countless hours of training and working with you, Dan, Rein, and Dank, yes... dank... I had finally proved myself. I didn't get into ARC, despite my best efforts, even being told I was going to be one of the legendary handpicks! It hit me pretty hard, however I still stayed in contact with you guys, and I knew I could make it. Fast forward again, I find myself being asked by the Gen11 Commander, Blitz, if I wanted to be a handpick. I dropped the potential CO role as Bacara to become one of the greatest generation of ARC trainees ever seen and to ever walk on the gateway server. Anyway, this is sorta when I knew I was at a point where I had earned your friendship. 



I wish I could have documented more of our memories. Anyway, here we are now, I think we've both matured a LOT in the time we've both spent as ARC, obviously a lot more for you than me, however it is noticeable. 

You've seriously been the best of friends anyone in ARC could have possibly asked for.

Love, Cappa.






download (2).jpg

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