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Return of Jaguar (Campaign)

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This is Commander Ahsoka Tano, we require immediate backup in the outer-rim



We have reason to believe the defunct clone regiment "88th Jaguar Battalion" and it’s thought dead leader. The disgraced Clone General Jaguar. Has allied himself with the returned Sith Lord Darth Maul. In an attempt to spread his influence across the Galaxy and make his way to the inner core worlds.

We need to take them down before they become to much of an issue.

The battle will be a battle of attrition and could be quite lengthy, come prepared and ready to fight. 

I’ll need Task Force Gateway to lead this campaign, I need as many men on the front-line as possible. 






This campaign will span from 4:30pm till 12-1am this Friday the 29/11/19. As a send off to all players leaving for imperial and a celebration of Gateway's recent expansion.  

This will be a big and very enjoyable campaign for all players not just clones. There will be a major emphasis on Jedi RP within the campaign.

This event will revolve around a story we as an EM team have tailored for the whole player base. This campaign has been a long time in the making. It will include something for everyone to enjoy.

And before you ask.



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2 minutes ago, Rippa said:

i thought the nullbays dusted jaguar for wearing ordo's phase 1 helm

He ate a fortnite burger 

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Why all the cool shit happening on the weekend ima be away, imp server and now this!

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