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Bullet's Trial Moderator Application

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Do you have Teamspeak 3 Installed?




Do you enjoy helping other people?


Yes, I am always happy to help someone in need.


Are you willing to test your stress?




Age? (Minimum of 14 years of age.): 


16 years and 11 months.


List your current playtime (Minimum of 80 Hours)



(Changed my name once)




Are you willing to learn new ways to approach situations?


Always up for learning new things


Do you have any active warns?




Do you have a problem with any of our current staff members?


Not at all




Steam ID




Steam Profile Link




Current in-game alias/rank


Warrant Officer Bullet | RC-1136 CPL 'Darman'


How known are you on a scale of 1-10 (10 being everyone knows you):




How will you becoming a moderator make an impact on the community?


By providing help as best as I can to people that need it whether they are new players or veterans/staff.


Do you believe you're able to deal with individuals and situations in a completely unbiased manner?


I will head into every situation in an unbias manner to make sure I give everyone a fair understanding.


Do you use our Teamspeak server often?


I use it every day.


Do you understand that as a member of the Staff Team, your position may be subject to change and / or termination should you not be performing to the degree stipulated?


I do.




1. A user is RDMing and insulting other users. You are the only staff available to deal with the situation. What do you do?


First I will use /logs to find out who the player is that is causing a commotion then proceed to go to an isolated place on the current map and !bring [player] and then use my physgun to freeze the player so they don't RDM me. Afterwards I will then begin questioning the player such as "Why are you RDMing and verbally abusing other players?" and wait for the player to state his reasoning, depending on the amount of times the player RDMed and verbally abused others then the punishment shall vary from warning to ban, if the player was never informed on the rules and only RDMed once and called someone something along the lines of "Idiot" or "Retard(ed)" then I will !warn [player] "RDM | Verbal Abuse", afterwards I will run them through the rules of the server and then !return [player].


2. A user has contested a warn you have given him and proceeds to verbally abuse you, what do you do?


I will listen to what the player says even if the player is verbally abusing me through out their sentence and then explain to the player why they were warned in a calm tone and that if they continue their behaviour I will warn them again, if they stop and apologise then I will !return [player] to the map but if they continue with the insults then I will !warn [player] "Verbally abusing staff" and then !return [player] back to the map.


3. A user has threatened to DDos and take down the server. What do you do?


Go to a isolated place on the map that we are currently on and start recording with shadow play and then !bring [player] to my position, where I will ask them "Why are you saying you are going to DDoS the server in chat" or "Someone has told me that you have been saying you are going to DDoS the server, is this true?" and to try calm the player down as best as I can and to sort things out with them, if they apologise for their actions I will ask them not to say it again as we take DDoS threats very seriously after which I will !return [player] back to the map, if they do not cooperate and continue with their behaviour then I will be forced !ban [player] [permanently] "Threating to DDoS server". To conclude I will take screenshots of the things the player has said in chat and send the screenshots and recording to an Admin.


4. A Commander and Lieutenant are arguing in front of debrief. It is getting quite heated. The context of the argument is unknown to you. What do you do?


As usual, I will go to an isolated place on the map where I will proceed to !bring [Commander] and !bring [Lieutenant] and run through with them that their behaviour is unacceptable and as high ranking officers you are to lead by example and to behave in such a way in front of yours and other players troops is unacceptable. I will ask them to please stop with the fighting or settle it formally somewhere else in the map or on Discord, Steam or Teamspeak. if they agree then I will thank them and then !return [Commander] and !return [Lieutenant]. However, if their behaviour continues then I will be forced to !warn [Commander/Lieutenant] "verbal abuse". If they continually keep arguing despite my best efforts to keep it civil between both players then I will tell them something along the lines of "It's clear you guys aren't listening to what I've said before so I'm gonna need to give you guys time to cool off and discuss it somewhere else but on the server as you both clearly aren't acting mature about the situation" and then follow up by !ban [Commander/Lieutenant] 1 hour "Verbal abuse".


5. A Cadet has been complaining and wandering around because he hasn't been trained yet. He doesn't appear to have any intent to role play. What do you do?


Firstly I will begin by !bring [Cadet] to the training room and tell them that they will need to be trained first before wandering around. If there isn't any SGT+ online at that time then I will train the Cadet myself, if there are a couple of online that are SGT+ online at the time then I will put in chat "/ooc There is a Cadet that needs to be trained, if no one reply's then a Sergeant+ will be selected at random" If someone is to reply or if I chose one at random I will !bring [Sergeant] to the training room and watch over them using ulx cloak. If the Cadet shows that they are trying to minge during the training, trying to annoy me or the Sergeant and are purposely showing that they have no intent of role play by wasting time and making immature remarks then I will tell the Cadet they clearly aren't here to role play and have fun where I will !ban [Cadet] 1 day "No intent to RP | Minge".


Notes: This is my first time applying for a staff position, all feedback is appreciated 😀.

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I like how you have provided examples of exactly what you might say in certain scenarios. This gives me and anyone reading a good idea on how you can handle things.


The application is well written with care, and you are a well behaved player on the server.  If anything, you should get yourself out there on Teamspeak and OOC chat more often. Jump into some other TS channels and say hello, interact with more people outside your own regiment.


Good luck with your application. 

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All my interactions with you on the server have been positive. You have displayed a wide range of ULX knowledge suitable to each of the situations. 

Your application is very well formatted and easy to read. There are a few grammatical mistakes but it's not too big of an issue. Like Spirit said above, I also like that you have provided examples of what you would specifically say in quotations. 

One thing I would suggest for the DDoS threat, I wouldn't let them off with no punishment even if they apologised. There should be at least a warning to discourage any implications of a DDoS attempt.

Get yourself out there more, it's a +1 from me.

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Probably doesn't mean much because I'm not staff but you're a great dude who I think will make a great moderator, +1

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Your application is both thorough and well written, all of my interactions with you on the server have been very pleasant. you really have what it takes to be a member of the staff so it's a +1 from me.  

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Seem like a decent bloke, I haven't had any issues with you before. I'd recommend like what Spirit said and get yourself out there more on ts more, instead of just sticking close to your mates etc. 

As for your actual application, it's well written, and the format looks solid. Maybe make the text bigger but other than that, you displayed all the right ULX commands for each situation and you explained how you would handle them well.

It's going to be a +1 from me, good luck mate.

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