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Kindles Pac app

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Clone Wars PAC3 Application Template




Steam ID (Use the steam ID doing "status" in console gives you in-game):


Steam Profile Link:


Current in-game alias:

2nd lieutenant Kindle

Time Played (Hours):

 830 Hours

Are you a donator? (YES/NO)


PAC3 Questions


Have you used PAC3 before?


Why do you want access to PAC3?

I would like to assess  PAC3 because I've always enjoyed designing and styling poses, animations and bodygroups.

How is using PAC3 going to enhance your time on the server?

it'll enable me to add personality to Kindle and enable me to stand out from the others. 

PAC3 Examples:


Prone on back (Rainbow six siege style)





Helmet off ( Works when walking)




Bodygroups (sunvisor, E-11, dogtags)




Sitting crosslegs 




Cross arms (at ease)



Flashlight in hands (activates when flash light is activates)


(Display 4 example screenshots of your Star Wars PAC3 creations)


Thanks Kindle




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You seem to have a quite extensive knowledge of pac. Maybe instead of explaining what the pac does in a screenshot, try and make a short video of each pac playing out individually to give everyone a more general idea of what you’re describing.

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