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Full Name

A-52 'Jambi'


Known Alias’/Nicknames

Aliases: Fracture/Jaeger/Sokol/Jambi

Nicknames: Tool and 'Idiot'


Previous Occupation

Cadet - Unassigned Clone Trooper


Current Occupation

Alpha-Class ARC Airborne Medic


Known Languages

| Mando'a | Aurebesh | Huttese | Rodese | Twi'Leki | Shyriiwook |



Card Magic | Customising Armour | Playing Any Type of Sabacc Game Participating in Operations 



Neutral Good




Mental State



Mental Disabilities

PTSD & Anxiety from all the people who shout for medics



| Cards | Deception | Joking Around | ARC Being Loud |



| Making Enemies with Other Clones | Droids | Being Serious | Hosting Trainings |




Physical State

Relatively Fit



13 Years






Tall | Slim |







| Dead | Death Wish | Hatred | Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | 


Death Wish

Jaguar/Jaguar's Battalion: Betrayed the Grand Army of the Republic and in doing so, A-52 despises them. He also hates Supreme General Jaguar even more than the droid army. Despite the backstabbing of the battalion, A-52 stays strong as he tries to not let his bad emotions crawl their way into his actions.



Droids: Killed comrades of A-52 and now has a mission to eradicate all droids/fighters for the CIS army from this galaxy, no matter what. A-52 thinks that droids are lifeless hunks of junk metal only used as killing machines to bring harm to the galaxy.












RC-3222 Atin: A-52 met RC-3222 on a deployment in Nar Shadaa, while trying to retrieve a HVI. Omega Squad and a few ARC troopers worked together to retrieve the HVI and extract him. A-52 talks to him every once in a while and both share the same likes and dislikes, but now he is now stationed in another base. A-52 missed having conversations & battling in combat with RC-3222 and wishes to see him again.

General Chebeek: Jedi General for the Alpha ARC troopers. Although A-52 disliked most of the Jedi, General Chebeek was an exception as he was excellent in battle and had a sense of humour.



7th Sky Corps - 501st Legion - 104th Battalion: A-52 thinks that they are good regiments that protect and fight for the safety of the Grand Army of the Republic with bravery and honour. A-52 has gone through training sessions with them and respects them.



Alpha ARCs - Galactic Marines Beta ARCs: Elite troopers of the Army and protect the almighty Republic with their lives. All of them have good personalities and looks at the entirety of ARC as friends. After all the missions, operations and trainings that A-52 has experienced with ARC, from being a Cadet & being taught how to be the best soldier on Kamino to doing elite operations on a daily basis, he wishes that his journey never ends.

Jarvis: Recently got the Commanding Officer role for the 13th Starfighter Corps pilots of the GAR. A-52 thinks he has a great sense of humour and likes how he handles different situations.

Best Friend

ARC Trainees R-11, R-12, R-13, R-14, B-15, B-17, B-18: The hard three week nightmare that the new batch of trainees had to go through was certainly tough, but we all stuck together and attempted to stay strong. Some trainees dropped out due to reasons like too much pressure or lack of interest, but the remaining few trainees and I stuck together and didn't give up. The four trainees that made it in were A-16 'Jag', A-39 'Titan', A-50 'Vilkas' and A-52 'Jambi'.

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updated mental state
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What ARC is best friends with dirty trainees. SMH demoted

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On 11/7/2019 at 12:03 PM, Jarr said:

What ARC is best friends with dirty trainees. SMH demoted

You know the OG red team, this is gonna make me say the line...

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12 hours ago, Rein/Shockwave said:

Red Team? Its Red Gang smh

I apologise since I left ARC my redacted ego has left me sir!

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