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Regional Government Expression of Interest

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Imperial Regional Government

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Just like ISB have done, i'm going to be submitting a pre-release Questionnaire for all members of this community that are interested in joining the Regional Government.

I'm looking to build this regiment/group to become a big part of the server (As it should be). Therefore, most applications will be viewed daily and most applicants being contacted within the day of submission. Recruitment following the launch of the server will be either by invitation or putting forward an expression of interest to one of the Regional Government members/staff. KEEP IN MIND that this role is NOT to be taken lightly, as it assists in events and maintaining the general flow of the ship and server. Yes, there will be plenty of Google docs and sheets and at times yes, it could get boring. However, we are actively looking into new things that this regiment can do to entertain the people within it. Please keep in mind that i want this regiment to thrive therefore, will be cautious of players with second character commitments.

Regional Governments Role:

The Regional Government's role is never truly set in stone however it can be said that they are an Imperial civilian branch to ensure proper management of the Empire. The Emperor delegates authority for the localized management of sectors, systems, and planets to a complex series of Imperial Governors that form a hierarchy to manage the application of Imperial law, development programs, and the safety of the Empire in a regional capacity; providing flexibility for the diverse and different needs that each planet and system presents. These governors, falling under the auspices of an Inner Circle member appointed as the High Moff.


Those of you that are interested in joining a combat group associated with Regional Government currently will have to wait. Unfortunately our Nova Trooper squadron will not be released into the server until it picks up a constant player base and someone is proven to be able to hold the commander role for it. If you are in dire need of a combat role that circulates around RP based groups i suggest joining either Death troopers or Inferno. However, Inferno is a tight knit group with only 4 available slots, so dont be surprised if your not chosen for that group. If you are however interested in Nova Troopers, I suggest joining Regional Government and proving your worth to me, for i will have a large say in who guards my beloved organisation.


Click Here

If you wish to contact me with any questions please feel free to add me on discord and if you MUST you may add me on steam. However, i get a lot of spam bot friend requests for my CSGO items so dont be surprised if i decline your friend request. best chance of being accepted is if you post a comment on my profile before attempting to add me. Good luck to all that wish to join!





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