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Michael 'Mick' Allen's Developer Application

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Just now, Rhino said:

Good to see you went ahead and did what I asked about setting up the collision model, from the screenshots and video you sent it's looking good. 

I'll speak to you on teamspeak again shortly after I've had the chance to check out your addon in depth


Gotcha. Hope you like it.

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I'll be moving the rest of any updates I make to my LAAT/c to a dedicated forum thread in Community Creations from here on out. The application's become cluttered w/ updates from it (and tbh I seriously doubt I'll get accepted.. then again that's just me in general) and it could definitely use a proper home outside of here. I'll try keep the rest of my posts in here related to the application at hand.


hmm... i wonder if it might get added to the server?

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