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Hello Gamers!

I'll cut to the chase, for the second year in a row I'll be gifting a random player on the server a Jedi!
(**Please note, Players that already have a Jedi are not eligible**)

Now onto how to win, in the comments below tell me why you should be the person to win and the backstory of your Jedi. 

~I would like to ask a staff member to pin this thread, so it does not get lost among everything else~

I look forward to reading your replies and best of luck! the Winner will be drawn on the first of December.

Love, Chicken Little

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Um i want jedi bc i luv cutting an force n stuff XD XD XD


I wanna have jedi who is real good but people r look down on him and he is knight and can sit on council but not get grant rank of master i think it is original n cool to try n rp this lol

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 I would like Jedi because it would be fun and it would be something new 

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I would like a Jedi slot for a opportunity to try something new with RP and different regiments, also create new characters and develop their story into something big.

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