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Addon Fix

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Hello everyone,

I have been meaning to make a video showing you all how to fix your addons etc. I made one a while back but the formatting glitched due to upgrading to our current forums. So to counter the previous gross post I am making this one.

Everything you need is in the youtube video, And I really do apologize for the cringe levels on this video, I am simply try to help all you gamers out there.

This fix should always work on common issues so I hope it helps, however, if it does not and your require more help simply contact me via Forum DM's, Teamspeak3, in-game etc, and I will try and help you the best I can.
Here is the video enjoy.

Note; there are time stamps for the steps in the description, and a link to the content.





(Requesting this post be locked & sticked to the current section @s8n @Stooge @Spirit @Aussi)

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