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Well here we go again!

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G'day all!

Most of you probably don't know me since I've had to be away from gmod for a looong time because of technical issues, but I'm Fours! I joined GG years ago back when we still had the yucky 2004 battlefront 2 models and got hooked (as well as conscripted into 501st for my first event).

I've been a variety of roles here on Gateway including; 501st (shoutout to the blueberry boys), Navy (where I have returned to!), Delta Squad, Ion team, Aquila Squad, as well as the old SIS division of Coruscant Guard. As such I have a rough idea of different roles in a fair variety of regiments and am always happy to have a chat and help out if needed. 

But yeah, nowadays I'm back, I'm generally up on the bridge drooling over maps and running around like a madman in ship to ship combat. Other than that, I work in the pest control industry in a mining town so I'm active when I can be. If you see me, feel free to say hi or to have a chat!

(PS: I'll probs never get used to it, but it's awesome to see 501st above the rank of Captain)

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