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The Ghost Fleet (Campaign)

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The Ghost Fleet

Recently, a CIS battlegroup known collectively by the troops as 'The Ghost Fleet' as been causing havoc on Republic Operations both in space and on the group. The fleet headed by the ruthless General Skurr has been going through the sector and destroying Republic battlegroups, only to disappear without a trace. We are having Navy working hard to track down this elusive fleet so we can take them out for once and for all. This is kill or be killed, as we may be next if we don't find them before they find us.


*OOC* Hey, this is my first campaign so there's a good chance it's not going to be the best, but hey we all learn somehow. Any and all staff who want a part or to help are invited to pm me.

This campaign will take place this friday from roughly 4 until 8:30, just in time for the public ARC screenings.

The next couple of events i'm going to be hosting are going to be related to this campaign. If any other EM's want to do their events related to this they are more than welcome to, as the build up would be appreciated.

Any questions, feel free to pm me on discord.

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