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Twat (Bill)

CGIA_130719: Reporting and Transcript Record

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// Accessing Database Terminal //

// Encryption Active //

// ID: 1949 ‘Hall’ //

// Security Access - 2CG //

// Access Granted //

// Accessing Republic Data Archives //

// Accessing Coruscant Guard Reporting //

// Report Protocol Activated //

Law Enforcing Officers originally on scene: 

  • Warrant Officer B-8068 ‘Mongo’ 
  • Drill Sergeant B-1949 ‘Hall’
  • Sergeant 5869 ‘Stone’ 

A report came in by Jedi Commander Sposh Ilghust about three deceased Navy staff in MH S1 Bay. On closer inspection, the area was turned into a crime scene due to the highly suspect nature of the deaths with blaster bolt scorch marks on the body and walls, blood spatter, as well as a foreign item which contributed to the method at which a now classified as murdered staff member was killed. 

IDs were taken from the deceased as an investigation commenced. Helmet cam evidence is supplied for each item.

Deceased IDs:

Chief Petty Officer 3244 'Gall'

Crewman 9852

Naval Trainee 3321

  • 3321 sustained a blaster bolt wound to the upper chest and multiple penetrating wounds from an external source. Penetrating wounds show a diamond pattern suggesting a double-edged blade, speculated to be a Republic vibroblade. Further blaster bolt scorch marks (4) suggest minimal shooting training by the perpetrator as only 20% shots connected. Passive blood staining on the staff member’s uniform. Significant transfer patterns of gloves and external clothing noticed around the body and on the Navy staff’s cap and shoulders. 
  • https://gyazo.com/a9408bd2c2841298000eb131b34cbb96
  • https://gyazo.com/76f369e4f93f590f3763cff276623f05


Officers on scene extracted the blade from the body and secured the Bay from access to other troopers. Initial inventory check on the deceased troopers revealed no items missing / unrecorded. LEOs ‘Mongo’ and ‘Stone’ left the scene, with ‘Hall’ to investigate further. 

Navy Trainee ‘Ajax’ attended the scene after CG request to determine an initial reaction and information gathering before the scene was cleared. ‘Ajax’ informed ‘Hall’ that no Navy staff member was missing from rotation in the Bay. He also informed that there were no records of access due to high traffic rendering the concept mute. The foreign blade was presented to the Navy staff member and it was concluded no relation to known Republic weaponry was available. The Navy Trainee was dismissed from the crime scene. 

CG contacted a Jedi representative to rendezvous at the MH S1 Bay to determine if the tribal aspect of the blade has relevance to Jedi weaponry or practices. Jedi Commander Sposh Ilghust returned to the scene to aid ‘Hall’. The Jedi immediately claimed ‘dark’ forces were present, claiming more than murder. The Jedi Commander and ‘Hall’ secured the location further to investigate the Jedi’s claims which resulted in supernatural occurrences by ‘Dark Jedi’ as Jedi Commander Sposh described. 

The room then began to have an external voice talking to the deceased naval staff members through voice and in their comms link devices which ‘Hall’ confiscated. Commander Sposh and ‘Hall’ attempted to contact the unknown source which resulted in hostilities towards the two by the unknown voice. 

The phantom figure appeared to the troopers outside the paned glass bay who were spectating the crime scene which caused the Jedi Commander to present a defensive position with ‘Hall’ who issued a DEFCON 4 prior to. This figure proceeded to, after further hostility to use the blood of Navy Trainee 3321 to draw a smiley face on the back wall while speaking about eating correctly and at functional times through Naval communications. ‘Hall’ checked the source of the blood coming from the Trainee’s right forearm resulting in a blood-stained skin. 

During conversation with the Jedi Commander, ‘Hall’ noticed further supernatural occurrences due to the mouths of each Naval staff member moving. ‘Hall’ checked 3244 ‘Gall’ for mechanical devices or consciousness. ‘Hall’ continued the checking after the Second Crewman repeated this while speaking to the unknown voice, now associated with the figure, with no avail. ‘Hall’ repeated again on the Trainee but escalating hostility by using physical violence to break the Trainee’s jaw open to check for further mechanical devices to the displeasure of the Jedi Commander. 

Jedi Commander Sposh’s Padawan arrived on scene to assist the Commander with the process. The two Jedi proceeded to perform an odd rest on the floor while ‘Hall’ protected. The Jedi determined the voice and figure a demented spirit form which caused the murders while still acting as command upon the staff members believing they be alive. The Jedi and CG trooper ‘Hall’ determined a plan to lure the figure out which resulted in melee combat between the Jedi and the supposed demented unknown Naval staff member. ‘Hall’ remained in the room, without shooting to not miss-fire upon the Jedi. The demented being was ‘killed’ and then examined with no further identification before it disintegrated. The Jedi then performed another rest on the floor while ‘Hall’ investigated the disintegrating body. 

‘Hall’, while told by the Jedi Commander that the figure was extinguished, still heard the voice over comms relaying information until his final words over the communications device as ‘Crewman Out.”

// Reporting Protocol Deactivated //

// Transcription Protocol Activated //

That was an interesting report. Heard from General Plo Koon that Commander Sposh has been KIA. What a shame.

Anyway, this report may still be used in the future as he suggested. I have his notes about the incident next to me here. “Dark Jedi,” he writes. Not sure what they are but he gave General Plo Koon to give to me a book about them. Need to get to reading it. If it describes anything like what I saw two days ago, I will be happy to keep far away.

I might wrap it up here. Quite late now, just had Commander Lock, lock me in the PVP Arena few hours prior….ah ha...Lock...lock…*clears throat*...yes well...

I still listen to the communications frequency left by the crew in that room. Nothing yet, but maybe, one day, we may find out what really happened that miserable day, the day of the murders of S1 Bay. Hall out.

// Reporting Protocol Deactivated //

// Sync Successful //

// Coruscant Guard Reporting Record Successful //

// Upload File: CGIA_130719 //

// File Upload Successful //

// Deactivating Database Terminal //

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Can't believe my side rp got turned into this.


Absolutely dope, thanks for the read.

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