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Reka Vashee’s Biography [Togruta]

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Mental State: Sane.

Mental Disabilities: None.

Likes: Helping people, Leading, Fighting, Duelling, learning new ways to improve and All Jedi.

Dislikes: CIS, Sith, Failing, Getting into trouble, being alone.

Personality: Kind, Curious, Loves to learn and improve also is very social.




Physical State: Perfect 

Age: 18

Weight: 140KG

Build: Solid 

Disabilities: N/A

Appearance: A Togruta with long hair tails with 2 head tails at the top of the head with red skin and white face paint and a 2 white montrals at the bottom of the head blue eyes and a masculine body. Reka also has black armour/robes. 





Rank: Padawan. 

Master (current or previous): Master Ki-Adi-Mundi. 

Lightsaber details: A standard Jedi hilt with a Blue kyber crystal.

Combat style: Mostly aggressive will change it up to confuse the opponent.




When Reka was born into a small village by his mother and father on Shili. There he lived a simple life. Until they came... They ransacked the village he lived in and punished every person that stood in their way including his family the ones that meant the most to him... Apparently it was all in the name of “freedom and fairness” and the person he saw the most was a tall figure he was carrying a flag and threw it into the ground... Reka’s knowledge of books and history told him it was the black sun his anger and wanting to get rid of them and wish it never happened stayed with him throughout his life as a child.

 When the republic came to Shili they came to repair and help the village rebuild but one day while at hunting for food Reka sensed something strange not a normal sense of a animal near by but bigger and stronger. Reka had always been know for his hunting abilities also tracking way better then any other Togrutan. The sense was getting stronger and he looked behind him and pointing his hunting spear he said “Who are you? What do you want with me?” Out of the tree line stepped out Jedi master Shaak Ti. She responded calmly “Easy child put the spear down you don’t have to worry I’m a friend not a foe...”  Reka lowered his spear trusting the Jedi. “You are the people that are helping us aren’t you?” Reka responded                             “Yes, we are I heard that you are a expert at hunting and tracking yes? The best in your village. I came to see you just to chat. Is that ok with you?” Shaak Ti asked.              “Yes, that’s okay...”

Shaak Ti told Reka about the force and all the things you can do with it, she also told him the Jedi code which he took interest in. Unannounced to Reka, Shaak Ti was sent to his village to test Reka’s midichlorian count. After the test Shaak Ti asked Reka to come with her to the Jedi temple in Coruscant. Reka hesitating accepted worried about his village Shaak Ti relieved him saying don’t worry the will be fine if their with the republic you have my word.

Once they arrived at Coruscant Reka became a youngling and adopted the last name of Vashee there he learnt more in depth of what and how to become and Jedi and what it means to become one he learnt the 3 classes Sentinel Guardian and Consular he originally wanted to become a Sentinel but changed his mind to a Guardian because he liked the Ideas of them more. Since then Reka has been appointed a master of Ki-Adi-Mundi which likes very much and enjoys his company. He is also learning new tricks and skills every day.



Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance Liked Friend | Best Friend |

Dead: His family and some of his fellow friends killed by the black sun.

Death wish: N/A

Black Sun: Because of what they did to his village 

Sith and the CIS: he has been taught not to like either of these and they both do not fit to the ideals of the Jedi nor his ethics of doing things.

 Untrusted: N/A

Indifferent: N/A

All Togruta: because he likes to socialise and likes all Togruta very much.

All Jedi: Reka likes all Jedi no matter who they are he also loves being able to relate to some of them like Ahsoka Tano and Shaak Ti. 

Ki-Adi-Mundi: Reka Respects his master and is very greatful to have him as a master he bonds with him and is always ready to learn new things.

Shaak Ti: Ever since they first met Reka has been taught and has learn off of her if Reka has a problem or any questions it’s most likely he’d go to Shaak Ti. 

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