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Forum Rules


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Forum Rules


These rules will be subject to change.

General Rules:

  • Be respectful to everyone on the forums.
  • Harassment or bullying will not be tolerated
  • The use of racial slurs or outright racism will not be tolerated
  • Advertisements are forbidden (Unless a personal project of some sort, i.e an SFM or Workshop item, etc)
  • The use of alt accounts isn't permitted.
  • Threatening or doxing will result in an immediate forum and in-game ban. (Releasing private information, irl names, addresses, phone numbers, pictures, etc)
  • Large or secondary images in your signature must be in a spoiler. 


Thread/Posting Rules:

  • Ensure all threads/posts are posted/created in their allocated sections.
  • Do not create multiple threads/posts for the same topic, use the edit option.
  • Do not post links to external websites that may contain pornography, malware, advertisements, etc.
  • Do not create shitposts to boost your post count.
  • Be humble and considerate when commenting on applications.
  • Creating inappropriate threads and signatures will result in a forum ban.
  • Do not spam post reactions.


Ban Appeal Rules:

  • Ensure that your response is on-topic to the reason the user was banned. 
  • Make sure your argument/defence is valid.
  • Make sure you use the correct template.


Application Rules:

  • Advertisements and asking for +1's on your application will not be tolerated, if you're caught doing so your application will be denied.
  • Only the applicant can bump their own application. (7 day bump cooldown)
  • You are only allowed to have one staff application posted at a time.



Breaking any of these rules will result in a forum warning/ban depending on the severity of the case. 

Contact a forum staff if you have any queries or problems.

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