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Engineer Polo

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# ... Entering alias

# ... Alias accepted

# ... Enter secret

# ... Secret enabled

# ... Access granted to clone database




Full Name: Polo

Known Alias’/Nicknames: Polo

Previous Occupation: N/A

Current Occupation: Naval Engineers

Known Languages: Galactic Basic

Hobbies: Eating, Working

Alignment: Republic




Mental State: Stane

Mental Disabilities: N/A

Likes (optional): Rations, Building & Repairs, (Minecraft), (Chocolate), Toilet breaks, Smoko.

Dislikes (optional): Superior Officers, RHC, LAAT's, CG Tracker Unit Beasts, (Stooge at times).




Physical State: Fit

Age: (6 hours old) 2 years old

Weight: 77kgs

Build: Top Heavy

Disabilities: Broken Nose




Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend |


Coruscant Guard:

I enjoy CG's company as they are stern and stick to protocol they also help me when & if I require it. I applaud their efforts, well all but one.


Commander Thorn:

I think Commander Thorn is fickle & lacks the proper thought process to be in the role he is, I wish nothing more than his death.


Commander Doherty:

I think Doherty is nothing but a fancy fool, acting all high on his bridge whilst I commit to repairs and building in the lower scums of the Venator. He is useless and anyone could competently do his job. (Faggot)


Prudii Skirata:

Prudii is kind and offers me help when around, I appreciate him and his presence and Hope to Further relations with him (hehe xd)


Alpha ARC:

ARC is nothing but a bunch of mongs who betrayed someone who trusted them a very long time ago. They will never be at their full potential whilst structured the way it is. (I'm glad they like their models but)

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Hey Uh I Really Like your Profile Good Work Engineer ❤️❤️ 

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