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Cappas Forum Moderator Application

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1. Most Common Alias:


2. Steam ID:

#     57 "BOT Cappa"         STEAM_0:1:211888750

3. Age (Optional):


4. Time zone:

Australian (Melbourne)

5. What time are you on the forums most often:

Same times as I am on the server. I constantly check forums at around 3:30pm til 9pm.

6. Have you ever received a verbal or recorded warning on the forums:

Never. I try to act civilised on forums.

7. Do you have any previous experience with XenForo Forum Software:


8. Do you have any previous experience as a forum staff ( If so explain in detail )

Well I haven't quite been a forum staff, however I have been on a lot of different community forums for old minecraft servers. If I am active on a server, chances are you will find me on forums also. 

9. How much time do you spend on the forums daily:

I go on to forums every day to check the recent posts, and to read any interesting posts. I stay for about 2 posts at a time, then I'll go back to the server, then I'll go back to forums again. Can't say an exact time but I go on here constantly.

10. How regularly do you use the Gateway TeamSpeak:

I am personally more of a discord person but since joining the 41st Regiment our leader has urged all of us to hop on team speak. Which is what I did, I tend to go in there whenever my regiment isn't present just to communicate with people outside of 41st.

11. Why do you want to be a Forum Staff of Gateway Gaming:

Well I would love to become a normal staff member, however I want  to spend a bit more time as a normal player before I become a staff member. So I decided to start with forums staff as I have a lot of history on minecraft forum sites and I am on here a lot. 

12. Have you applied for or been given any other staff positions in this community?:

No. This will be my first application (except for pac3) that I have made on the network. I joined about a month ago today.



Just would like to say that I am not aware of any forums commands or accesses I get, for example removing a users access to post on forums. Which is what I integrated into my responses.


1. A group of 4 users from another community come onto the forums and start antagonising the community specifically targeting people in the IRL section of our forums with hate speech, how do you deal with this group, Explain in thorough detail?

First of all I would remove all of the posts regarding the situation as we need to clear all of the unneeded hate speeches from the forums. I would then remove the users access to post on the forums as I need to give them a detailed response and reason as to why I removed their access to forums. I then would PM the group, giving them a detailed rule breakdown and how they broke them. Provide the users with teamspeak to appeal for their removal. Then tell a higher up moderator/admin about the confrontation and keep those users monitored.


2. An ex staff member has re-joined the community recently, they become active on the forums but start behaving in a somewhat undesirable manner (pick on people in the shout box etc.) How do you deal with the long-time community member?

First of all I will treat the player like he is a new player. Because he may be an old player but perhaps the rules have changed. I will bring the player into a secluded text chat (PMs) and run them down as to what they were doing and how it may affect other players. I will use this as a warning as they should already be familiar with respecting players as it is a trait. 


3. A young creator has posted one of his YouTube videos of the clone wars server in his regiments IC area, Is this the proper area for the thread? If not where should it be moved to?

Obviously if the user is young and trying to bring viewers to their youtube channel, I wouldn't give them a punishment. I'd move the post to the (Community Creations>Video Sharing) section of the forums and tell them that the IC chat is strictly for in character text. I won't punish the young user as it could stop them from continuing their youtube career and placing a video in the wrong section isn't something to be banned for. If however this continued I'd have to issue a warning to the user. 

4. A new or unknown user joins our forums, there is no proof that this user plays on the server or uses our team speak. He starts posting regularly in sections of the forums but acts odd in certain sections of the forums it starts to concern other users however this "user" is not breaking any rules directly but members of the community have reported more then once. How do you react to this situation, be creative

I'd talk with the user. Analyse their posts to understand what they're about and why people are reporting them. I'd try to encourage the user to join the server or the teamspeak, give them an idea of what the server does and what happens on it. Obviously no punishments are required as the user hasn't broken any rules. To deal with the people whom reported the user, I would reply and give them notice that the situation is being dealt with. 

5. The user from the last scenario messages you directly asking for you to connect to his team speak to speak to him/her regarding your actions/judgement or lack of action

Without any user history on the server or teamspeak, I would decline their offer as the user was an unknown person and likely had no credibility on the server. I would offer an alternative and suggest we talk through the server discord or teamspeak or just through forums. 


Ay thanks for reading, please leave any feedback. Feel free to leave constructive negative feedback or just positive feedback. Also regarding Scenario 4/5 please make sure to question my decision and leave any thoughts on those 🙂 

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Posted (edited)

I think Cappa would be a great help to moderate the forums and would help him later become a staff member, very trustworthy and kind, gonna be a +1 from me. 🙂

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I've fixed up the colouring of your post to make it easier to read. In the meantime, please fix the grammatical errors and other mistakes in your application. It pays well to look professional when applying for any kind of staff position. I'll reserve judgement for now, and will instead keep an eye out over the next few days. 



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1 hour ago, Spirit said:

I've fixed up the colouring of your post to make it easier to read. In the meantime, please fix the grammatical errors and other mistakes in your application. It pays well to look professional when applying for any kind of staff position. I'll reserve judgement for now, and will instead keep an eye out over the next few days. 



Could you point out any grammatical errors I have made? I tried to make it as formal as possible and clearly it isn't something I'm good at. It would be greatly appreciated if you could show where I may have mis-spelt or mis-worded something.

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