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I think it would make a great addition the Brilliant Gateway gaming Network if we could add the Brilliant Dance move...


This could also go in addition with:
The Floss
Whip Nae Nae

The Macarena
Gangnam Style

Chicken Dance 

The Shuffle (Party Rock Anthem)

And could bring a bit of humor/fun to part of the Gateway Gaming Community.

Thanks, Nick Wilde, 

Ps. if you don't know any of said dances I will send links of them. 

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Thank you for the suggestion, I think this would be humorous and spawn some epic laughter.

However we are a Roleplay server so I feel this wouldn't be appropriate 

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Can't wait for Yoda to fucking nae nae on all the troops at debrief

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It would be fun and enjoyable but of course people will abuse it and use it inappropriately

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