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Spirit's Forum Moderator Application

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Basic Info:




1. Most Common Alias: 



2. Steam ID:



3. Age (Optional):



4. Time zone:

Australian Eastern Standard Time


5. What time are you on the forums most often:

I check the forums fairly regularly throughout the day and night. 


6. Have you ever received a verbal or recorded warning on the forums:

I have no prior history of infractions or warnings on the forums.


7. Do you have any previous experience with XenForo Forum Software:

I have extensive forum software experience with XenForo, PhB, vB and SMF. This latest software is not something I've used before but I'd readily be able to figure it out. 


8. Do you have any previous experience as a forum staff ( If so explain in detail )

I have moderated various large and small communities on Reddit (See here), as well as a Xenforo forum, and others. 


9. How much time do you spend on the forums daily:

I'd say around 3-4 hours on and off. I always have them open. 


10. How regularly do you use the Gateway TeamSpeak:

I'm constantly sitting in the server if not talking due to my role as Server Mod.


11. Why do you want to be a Forum Staff of Gateway Gaming:

I've always found enjoyment in being able to make the forum browsing experience for people as good as it can be. I want to be on the Forum Staff team to breathe some life into it as well, as they don't have much presence aside from Shen at the moment. 


12. Have you applied for or been given any other staff positions in this community?:

I have applied for and gained a Server Moderator position. 








1. A group of 4 users from another community come onto the forums and start antagonising the community specifically targeting people in the IRL section of our forums with hate speech, how do you deal with this group, Explain in thorough detail?

My initial thoughts on the situation are that being from another community and arriving as a group tell me that these users are here for the sole purpose of causing trouble. In the interests of fairness however, I would remove all of their rule breaking posts from public view before sticking all 4 users into a Group Message, explaining to them why their actions are unacceptable, directing them to the Forum Rules and informing them that any further infractions beyond this will lead to a ban from the forums. After the situation is dealt with I would inform the Forum Manager of the event. 


2. An ex staff member has re-joined the community recently, they become active on the forums but start behaving in a somewhat undesirable manner (pick on people in the shout box etc.) How do you deal with the long-time community member?

All users and staff are equal when it comes to following Community Guidelines and Rules. This applies to all Staff, current and former. I would privately message the misbehaving user and remind them of their obligations to follow the rules set out by the Community Management, and inform them that further infractions and bad behaviour would lead to me revoking their privileges to speak in the Forum Shoutbox.


3. A young creator has posted one of his YouTube videos of the clone wars server in his regiments IC area, Is this the proper area for the thread? If not where should it be moved to?

I would inform the user that we have a User Content Subforum on this site, and tell them to post this sort of content there in future. I would move his thread to the appropriate forum myself.


4. A new or unknown user joins our forums, there is no proof that this user plays on the server or uses our team speak. He starts posting regularly in sections of the forums but acts odd in certain sections of the forums it starts to concern other users however this "user" is not breaking any rules directly but members of the community have reported more then once. How do you react to this situation, be creative

I would start the process off by investigating this user myself (Seeing if they do in fact even play on the server, what kind of content they're posting etc.). I would also ask users who have previously reported this unknown user exactly what is making them uncomfortable. Since it seems that no rules are strictly being broken I would attempt to resolve the situation by encouraging the user to play on the server, get to know some players and generally become more of an involved user overall. 


5. The user from the last scenario messages you directly asking for you to connect to his team speak to speak to him/her regarding your actions/judgement or lack of action

I would let them know that I would be happy to talk, and join a Teamspeak Call with said user. I would discuss things such as how they are making other users uncomfortable, and discern their reasons for being on the forums without being on the server first. (Perhaps the user found our forums by chance and doesn't know of the Gmod Server? Who knows. That's why I'm talking to them right now).


Thanks for taking the time to read my application. Feedback is very much appreciated ~ Spirit.

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Great app, you're a friendly dude and always have a good approach to people, well written application and even though I know absolutely nothing about forum staffing you obviously have experience.



Can't make it green cause I'm on my phone 😑

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48 minutes ago, Otis said:

I would of course +1 though I’m unsure if we still even have forum staff with these new forums. Before I vote I’d like confirmation on that.

posting of applications for forum staff is still allowed with the new forums.

I really like the fact you listed your references from prior forum staffing experience. With the new forums up I recall Stooge saying he wanted an active Forum team present and you seem like a decent fit for the role.

The app is very detailed and well written, you obviously seem like you know what you are talking about.

I Personally support this and hope you get a chance, +1 😎

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+1 I think it’ll be good to get some more forum staff back up. It’s not the most difficult job so I’m sure you’ll do fine.

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Your activity, care for the community, but also your maturity and unbias regard in dealing with matters would make you a perfect fit for such a role.

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