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Hello Everyone!

I thought I would touch on a system/subject that has been around for a while, however not publically displayed. This system being "Community Supporting", in the past we've had a wide range of players/staff who have decided to willingly donate to Gateway for the purpose of helping the server/community.

This post isn't stating that we're in need of Community Supporters or money, I'm merely making this a known subject for all of the community to see, I've been told a few people have been interested in "donating to help the server" and this has made me want to openly share that you can do this if you would like to. Any sort of donation helps the server, whether it be $5 or $50, any amount assists towards the running cost of our dedicated game server as well as our new dedicated web host.

If you have any questions about Community Supporting, you're more than welcome to contact me and ask questions. Community Supporting offers a wide-range of community/server-wide perks such as; 

  • "Community Benefactor" Forum/TS Tag
  • Jedi Padawan
  • Input on new content/development for the server
  • Access to map/addon testing
  • Assorted other circumstantial perks

Thank you to everyone who has donated to the server, past, and future; your donations help more than you know!

Kind Regards, Stooge.

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