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2566's Pac App

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Clone Wars PAC3 Application




Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:118447527


Steam Profile Link:https://steamcommunity.com/id/Ant2566


Current in-game alias: 2566 Ant, Anton


Time Played (Hours): 1745 Gmod hours


Are you a donator? (YES)


PAC3 Questions


Have you used PAC3 before?

Lots, since i got off the server a while back i have been on a Halo server with heavily promoted Pac3 for RP purposes.

(I'm still not that good though)


Why do you want Access to Pac3?

I love model design and i typically enjoy fixing up slight errors in my characters, or making them looking unique. I'm not the most amazing Pac3 creator out there but i do come up with interesting concepts. Overall i just want it for the eye candy and RP.


How is using Pac3 going to enhance your time on the server?

My characters get to look unique and i can bring out their personalities with poses and differing animations. My RP is heavily assisted as i can use more immersive techniques with Pac, and i get access to something that lets you put forth your imagination and create things that fit into the environment.



(None of these are 'Unique' or 'Amazing' designs, i typically make those after i know what i'm doing with the character. Also as i learned from the applications many small things are better than a few big things)


Screenshot (163).png

A simple back design, with a small backpack and 2 weapons (Both un holster when weapon is out)


Screenshot (164).png

Hands behind back animation (Auto toggled upon movement, and back)


Screenshot (165).png

A prone animation (I noticed that the server didn't have this and i like laying down in a gun fight, especially of the high ground)


Screenshot (166).png

Sitting animation (Toggled, RP purposes)


Screenshot (167).png

Hologram pulled out while typing (The quality on the picture seems to be trash)


Screenshot (168).png

A box (RP purposes, probably wont be used that much, but if RP i need to carry something)


Screenshot (169).png

Knocked out/ Death animation (RP purposes with medics and such)


Those are the ones i have RN, I'll definitely make more if i get it on the server (Or if i don't cause I'll be re-applying ASAP)








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PAC3 examples are too basic, improve your PAC skills and you may reapply in 1 month.

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