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Greetings all,

I have a few suggestions to make an issue to point out in regards to the forums.

For me personally, we have this nice new theme that shows off the creativity of the community but the forums overall feel like I am navigating through a hyperdrive console as a Cadet with no idea of what I am doing. There needs to be more baseline and regulated sections for all to use on the forums and with the panel that we have, it is poorly Setup.


Jumping straight into it the Home Page.

The homepage is so outdated and bland it makes me want to cry. It needs to either be updated or cleaned up in my opinion and I have highlighted in the image below the major areas that need to pipe off completely or be changed up a tad.



although hard to see the blue section we will start with that first.

The tab highlighted Blue, titled CS:GO has no use what so ever. It directs you to a faulted directory that is pointless to have and makes us look lazy and outdated for having it. I would love to see it be removed completely, regardless if paradox is still a thing or not.


moving onto the yellow section.

We no longer have a functioning TTT server so there is no point to display it is a viable or playable gateway server. I suggest changing the TTT Tab to a Minecraft Tab, As we do currently have a functioning Minecraft server that at times gets a rather sizeable player base. Just another useless tab.


now moving onto the last section. The Red Section.

I personally did not know we had a twitter and to be honest I could not give two about twitter or publicly displaying tweets from early last year. I would like to see the Red section removed from the homepage all together also as it has no proper use or useful information. Like the other points makes us look lazy and unorganized and I think that is not what we are going for what so ever.



The last point I would like to make is there is no open suggestion or issue section, the only issues and suggestions sections is for the Clone Wars Server. I think it would be more suited in the following area:


It would be better placed in this tab with a simple Template post in the thread itself. So if you wanted to target certain areas you could do so and it would be easy to understand.


(Example Template; )


Section: Forums/Starwars RP/Minecraft/etc.


Issue: -


Suggestion: -


Would make it a lot more viable and useful overall to have.


For the time being regardless of what is coming or happening in the future, we need to organize and work to our standards in the present before we can honestly consider moving on. I hope you all agree with this post and something is made of it.


Thanks all,



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This is a MUST change. I'm glad that you pointed this out and took the time to make this detailed post.

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Would the red section be possibly re purposed for steam group announcements? I have nothing to-do with web design and I'm not sure if it's possible. But may give it a use then leaving it as a blank space?

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Would the red section be possibly re purposed for steam group announcements? I have nothing to-do with web design and I'm not sure if it's possible. But may give it a use then leaving it as a blank space?


I don’t imagine it’s impossible but I’m unsure whether or not the site has the capability, Twitter works because whatever action appears is just a base function of the Twitter site, where it tracks tweets and retweets. Whereas the Steam group has no way to target announcements directly, so I’d imagine if you did announcements it’d come with all the notifications like you announcements, comments, player joining, player of the week etc, or it probably wouldn’t work.


I probably explained that like shit after 6 drinks

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Anyone else get this thing once you click "Clone Wars Forums"

Yes the redirect is currently scuffed, believe Beetroot said this in his post.

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Definately needs an update, I personally think we should put like a community updates section in place of the twitter feed, important things that are changing in the community that people can keep up to date with.

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