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What puts you off taking part in an event?

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As the title says.


What's your biggest pet peeve in terms of events? What situation makes you go "nope" and proceed to tab out? Share your thoughts and discuss!

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  • droid npcs
  • major general das
  • music spam
  • someone being retarded
  • something more interesting
  • underwater events
  • bug events
  • defense events
  • laggy events
  • night time events
  • shitty maps

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The thing that really puts me off is the debrief, that should be the most RP you put in the event to many times I hear an em straight make up bullshit and talking, the debriefs just make me lose my interest they should be like the start of a book or a movie, sizzling start you know.


tldr debriefs are bad

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EC's who don't do RP or do superpower RP (or have unlimited health, but I've already said enough about them). When I say don't RP, I don't mean for EC's like commando droids or generic Non-RP EC's like elite soilders. I mean things like tactical droids, and EC's that should RP. They should RP, but not do superpower RP so that no one else can RP. If an EC isn't supposed to be killed, but someone RP kills them, let it happen, then blame it on the killers. Just let the players actually have an influence, for good or for bad.

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tldr debriefs are bad

Also, this.



And, one more thing: Whenever there's a second objective or something, that can be independently accessed without completing the first one (I.E Not blocked off, either physically or in RP) and it's got some way that just stops anyone from prioritising it, but does it in a way that is dumb, or we aren't informed about it, like if you get there a crap ton of droids just appear, or you just blow up and "it turns out the other base was protected by a minefield". That is bullcrap.


If there's an RP way to disable the effects, such as taking over a control post to disable the minefield, or disabling a comms array to stop mass droid deployment, then that's fine.

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When there is one squad doing rp. some groups are stuck doing nothing, fail rp is also a killer for fun (Mainly by staff I find).

Bugs.... stop... bugs are aids. When the server starts to lag there is no halting the event spawning and it just pisses me off. Give certain regiments/CO's specific jobs to do. Plan ahead.

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It might be a good idea to bring in some sort of incentive to play, before the gamemode change we had exp gain from kills which was a small incentive for players to get into the events and have a good go to try and advance their character. It means that even if the event was average there was still a large amount of player interest. I'd personally like to see something similar or even something better return.


Few other points:

-Bug events are boring, small bugs aren't as bad as the large ones.

-Difficult droids, security droids are good to be used occasionally under certain circumstances but most people hate having enemies just soak up bullets.

-Lag can be an issue but its legit unavoidable so.

-Fog is never a good idea due to just how the AI is. We can't nearly see them as well as the AI can see us.


Can't think of much else at the moment but i'm sure others will fill in the blanks.


Edit: Was just on for an event where the EC had a jetpack and didn't have restrictions on their jetpack usage unlike all regiment jetpack users do? EC or Lore character whatever it shouldn't change. The jetpack usage rules are put it because its known to be ridiculously OP without it. Specially when the EC is lurking around outside spawn with godly amounts of HP.

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EMs talking out of Character in the voice over thing and in briefing/debrief. (Generally not being serious)


Events being too spread out (because of the HP loss, we have to work together, but EMs keep spawning and barricading as if we all have 350 hp still, and we just die.)


Regiment specializations not being used properly or enough.


Godmode RP


Only one option (We don't have the freedom to fail or succeed a lot of the time)


Misleading droid spawns (Not spawning the droids towards the objective, throwing people off track)


Not enough Dog Fights (with the new game mode pilots v vulture npcs should happen more, it adds an atmosphere of "Hey we are in a war, let's kill those droids")


Not motivated to kill droids (Dunno if its just me but I don't find it fun to shoot droids or to complete objectives)


These are just my opinions <3

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Certain EM's.


In recent, I have lost my way in almost every event as there is no real target marked or instruction to go where they want me too.

Fog is also the most toxic horrible thing on the server file and makes Events unbearable.


Not having a good squad to roll with.

Often find myself leaving squads due to no one knowing what to do, or just some oxymoron trying to make others look bad with his epic leadership skills that don't work at all.

Need to find the right group or regiment/role to join so I don't encounter this.

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Ems generally talking in an in immersive way. Talking as if your a regular bloke and not high command. It would just feel nicer if ems spoke more like an actual high commanding military officer would.


Events that end to quick so em goes oh shit and begins to make people defend base for 10 minutes +


General lack of direction and focus. It always feels vague to me and I spend half the time not really knowing what’s going on.


Beginning a crummy event trend that lasts for too long. Recently we’ve been hit with a bomb and bug based event wave and I remember one event from Morpheus recently.

-Tries to put a bomb into the event: Everyone instantly discards it and someone even shoots the bombs because they didn’t want to deal with it.

-Spawned bugs at the end: For absolutely no reason and made up a bullshit reason like they’re rising from the earth. Then we went and killed them all for some extra event minutes.


When it’s blatantly obvious that the em has just pulled a generic event from their ass because they didn’t plan their events ahead of time.


Making big whoops about commando droids, then making commando droids practically useless the next minute. Before having commando droids actually meant something to a degree but now they’re just a regular sighting, we even spent an event just fighting commando droids. I swear they ligit just have the same health as normal droids.




Events are pretty shit right now and I genuinely prefer to play down time instead of playing during an event

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Havent played events in ages since i h8 them but here are some that are almost always relevant:


- EMs caring more about their preplanned story then the influence of player decisions

- Specific regimental roles being completely shunned 95% of the time

- Lack of communication with players (ie, someone wants to hack a database, the em could pm them quickly to say "hey its fine, but its going to take a little while due to strong security" etc)


- Unrealistic health bar enemies

- Enemies that don't care about rp (breaking out of restraints or just ignoring the restraint roleplay, instantly shooting someone who is unarmed and attempting to negotiate)

- Overuse of voice amp / music / the little man in the top corner who go beep beep (is he still around)

- Lack of follow up during downtime

- Very limited amounts of new ideas (we essentially have the same 15-20 event types rotating for all of eternity.)


One side note though:



Lets have some examples

jimmy walks up to a console. He is a shiny private and is 100% untrained in any form of data breaching. Jimmy types "/me hacks console" and expects the em to respond to this as if he has been successful.


SGT Cheese of the 501st deploys his RPS to shoot an MTT - Head on. He expects this to destroy the MTT despite hitting the armor panel directly then proceeds to complain when droids are spawned on him.


CT David is a specialist - in everything. He disarms bombs, flies, splices data, attends to injured troopers, commands his brothers and is more capable than a squadron of ARC troopers.


I think a potential idea would be roleplay workshops, or a video series showing some tips and hints to roleplay better in different scenarios.

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CT David is a specialist - in everything. He disarms bombs, flies, splices data, attends to injured troopers, commands his brothers and is more capable than a squadron of ARC troopers.

Do you have his steam profile? Sounds like we should sign him up for the screening.

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  • Giving certain regiments way too much responsibility, while leaving everyone else at an objective to 'defend' from nothing because the EM is only spawning droids for the one regiment doing something else.
    • A common example of this is; The entire force has just captured an outpost, they are told to keep post and defend from any retaliation. The EM then tells RC to take another outpost by themselves for some reason? for the next 5 minutes the other troopers stand around with nothing to do because the EM only caters for the RC that have been sent off to do something that any other regiment could have also done.

    [*]The EM giving up on any effort or planning with a player count less than 20.

    [*]EMs not paying attention to comms RP or what the troopers have done.

    • Spooks touched on this but it is extremely annoying when I have my troopers smash an MTT with their RPS and the EM just keeps spamming droids around it.
    • The EM not acknowledging RP based comms in chat, like RC slicing a terminal or a trooper Detonating a Detpack.

    [*]Droppods containing more droids than a fucking Lander full of MTTs.

    [*]Often disregard for any tasks catering to jedi, more relevant now that their numbers are once again rising

    [*]This one is not so much of a turnoff as much as it is a missed opportunity - With the new venator map, actually having navy use the hyperdrive to jump to the relevant planet for the event.

    • Im sick of "Okay troops we're returning to Geonosis because..." and then leaving the hangar doors only to see we're above fucking Coruscant.
      • Also, why are we deploying in LAATs while above the planet's orbit? A better idea would be to either use a more suitable low atmosphere transport or just change the map while we're still on the venator and say we've lowered into the atmosphere of said planet.

    [*]One tiny bit of detail that would enhance the immersion for everyone would be to put a venator or acclamator prop in the skybox of every event. Because when the mission ends and we extract on LAATs, where the hell are we actually going? Certainly not out of orbit in a LAAT?

I look forward to seeing the individualised regiment loadouts coming soon, and I hope that it makes the Events more diverse and not just a server rush to the same checkpoint with the same firepower.


I know it's hard and every EM is sick of hearing it, but more planned out and multifaceted events really increase player enjoyment. Im assuming events spiral into a 'droid spam defence' every time because the players complete their task way faster than the EM expects and has planned for. Giving each event multiple objectives for Specialised regiments would ensure that the event is not just a complete steamroll because everyone from 501st to Medcorps is one the front line attack, because that's all there is to do.




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I usually try to play every event unless I'm doing something, but I do have a major problem.


I think companies/regiments have jobs to do that they don't get to do.

For example, not too long ago some events had landers dropping droids off and in ghost we decided to breach it and rp take it down and blow it up, that stuff is fun and it's a better way of winning than, oh look navy called in an air strike and it's gone.


Same with other companies, there could be a few more bombs in events since they don't need to be in the way of everyone else, just an added thing for those who need to defuse them.


But yea, my main problem is how companies can be without purpose for many events in a row, even if they have many players on.

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