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Alluh's Graphic Designer Application

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Steam Profile Link:



In-Game Name:

I don’t play the server


Teamspeak Name:












What programs do you use to create artwork?



How experienced are you in graphic design?

Started using Photoshop in about grade 8 (5 years), and have been using it on and off since then. Enrolling in a Bachelor of Graphics Design class for Tafe for when I finish school in a few weeks, so from then on I'll have a lot more experience.

What is your preferred art style?

Digital Art


Why do you want to be a graphic designer?

I enjoy making digital art and it’s something to do in my spare time or when something is needed, and I still have a soft spot for the community, just no intentions to play the server. I’m not the best designer in the world, so being able to use this opportunity to improve my skills would be highly beneficial to myself and the community




It's important to recognise that IF you become a Graphic Designer for Gateway Gaming, the content you possibly provide is for the use on Gateway Gaming ONLY. If you are caught distributing any content without the permission of the Executive Staff team, you will be community banned.



Do you agree to this?





Artwork Showcase:


Please provide examples of some of your artwork (2-3 Items):


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some of you cunts are sus, so fucking true


my ts picture has been harassed by these clowns

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I see you've added more pictures since the time you posted. The picture with Anakin with the GG logo is kinda iffy because only the leg is blocked by the GG sign whereas the other parts aren't but yeah, that is a pretty hard concept to do with the GG logo since too much would be blocked out if you were to follow that same pattern throughout all of Anakin.

The space image is pretty damn neat and I really like how you gave examples of the GG logo for halloween, it looks pretty great.

Picture of your imouto (weebz) also looks pretty cool, some lighting could definitely improve that. But for a assignment at school, I hope it got a pretty high score because I like that quite abit.

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