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PAC 3 Tutorial | Applying PAC onto Objects | Intermediate

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Greetings once again travellers.


Applying PAC to objects is fairly simple and can be incredibly effective once you get the hang of it, here's how it's done.


  • As before we're going to start by creating a group, give it a name so you can identify it when in a PAC filled with other groups, I'll name this 'Object'



  • Now you also need an object to do this PAC on, so I'm just going to use a simple cube



  • Now what you need to do is click the three dots next to 'Owner name' under generic and select the cube



  • Congratulations you can now easily add models to the physic prop and it will stay there without following where you go!


With creativity and effort you can eventually end up making something really cool, here's an example.



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