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Sub-Material | PAC 3 Tutorial | Easy

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Greetings, many of you have clicked on this because you wish to learn how to use sub-material with PAC 3, now this will be the easier Sub-Material editing without getting into Custom materials, I'll make another tutorial about that later on.


First, of course, you'd want to get into PAC 3 and create a group, you can name it anything you want, I'll be naming mine Sub material for the sake of the tutorial.




You then want to right click on the group, hover over 'model' and select 'sub-material'.




Now go down to the bottom under 'generic' and click the 3 dots beside 'Material'




It should take you to this.




nowhere you can select a material, once you've done that the material should show on the bottom left beside 'Material'.


Now you want to go over to underneath 'Material' to where it says 'Sub Material ID' and click the 3 dots, it will take you to something like this.




then all you have to do now is click which part you want the material to show, whether it be the helmet or the visor or the forearms.




And there you go, you're done and have now completed a sub-material edit.


Of course, yours does not have to look like this, you can find a suitable material to fit your character.

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Right, but please explain to me how texturing your body as bricks is helpful? Mixing and matching materials never grant a good look as all models have slightly different tints and whatnot, you're much better off making a custom texture.


If s8n and stooge were willing to host custom VMT's and VMF's on the server and have all players download them, then that would allow for some custom models to be made, however, I doubt that's going to happen.


And yes you can host custom textures online for use by all but they become stretched and what not on player models so it's almost impossible to make a good custom model. The only real reason to do this is for custom paint on guns. Do a tutorial on that and maybe you might be onto something but like I said, if mix matching models was a viable strategy to achieving a custom look on the server then it would already be mainstream.

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There will be more tutorials in the future and sorry if you didn't like how I transformed the body into a brick I was just using it as some sort of an example, although it isn't that difficult to create a custom texture for a model, it's quite simple when using paint.net, there's no need for custom VMT's or VMF's.


Here's an example on a custom texture I did with a model.




And of course, you can also implement sub-materials into weapons by simply finding the weapon model and doing the same as shown in the tutorial but with a weapon acting as the parent and the sub material the child.


Although I don't know the current state with the VMT and VMF files for the server.

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I can agree with that although, things can be made to easily counter that such as getting other models and replacing separate parts of the model in just as I did with the helmet I just displayed, but yes I understand it would be difficult with the models you currently use but there are ways to work around it.

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