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Introducing Side Operations!

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Hey yo, its a Roger. Im happy to present you with something (Hopefully original), side operations! This will be referred to as Side Ops for short. I have been given the green light to start implementing this on the sever so here goes the details.


What are side ops?

Side ops is in a sense mini-events. They will occur on the Venator map only. They are missions that is not important enough to warrant an entire Venator response, but vital enough to send in a team to attempt it.


How many can attend?

The limit set is 8 people, each regiments will be approached to do the side ops and any gap in numbers may be filled from other regiments.


What do they actually do?

Side Ops may have information regarding upcoming campaigns or events. They may also be there for purely RP reasons. This of course will depend on each EMs. As for now they wont have major impact on the normal events.


Why do them?

*Cough* XP Farm *Cough*. They will be excellent things to do instead of standard breaching courses. Make your training have more meaning!


How often?

While a frequency have not been set they will at most occur 2-3 times a day on the Venator map.


Where do i sign up?

An EM will call for side ops in the main hanger. From there a LAAT will be provided to fly to the bottom of the map where the "breaching course" will be spawned.



1. 1 life, if you respawn you're out

2. If the mission is a failure you may retry after the next event.

3. All radio or RP will be used under *Side Ops* (Under Comms regardless of rank)

4. Any can participate given the approval of the person running the OP (Only up to 8 people)


The person running it may change enemies HP and proficiency

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Interesting idea. I will be looking forward to seeing where you can take this. My only concern is how the enemy spawning could conflict with sims but I am sure communication will solve this issue.

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Personally as long as it is controlled and does not cause too much stress on the server I think it would be a good idea as it give more insensitive to stay in between events.

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